IX-1 Ordinis noni tomus primus

Epistola de interdicto esu carnium


Ordo IX contains Erasmus’ controversies with his evangelical opponents, viz. the apologetics that Erasmus wished to write in his numerous polemics. This volume of the Amsterdam edition of his Opera omnia presents a critical edition of the Latin text of seven of these writings, accompanied by an introduction in German and a commentary including an identification of sources quoted, and, where relevant, linguistic, philological, theological or historical background information.

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Epistola de interdicto esu carnium (Einleitung), ed. C. Augustijn
In epistolam de delectu ciborum scholia, ed. C. Augustijn
Spongia aduersus aspergines Hutteni, ed. C. Augustijn
Detectio praestigiarum, ed. C. Augustijn
Epistola contra pseudeuangelicos, ed. C. Augustijn
Epistola ad fratres Inferioris Germaniae, ed. C. Augustijn
Purgatio aduersus epistolam non sobriam Martini Lutheri, ed. C. Augustijn

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