Non-Economic Objectives in WTO Law

Justification Provisions of GATT, GATS, SPS and TBT Agreements


This volume examines the complex relationship between economic and non-economic objectives in WTO law. It discusses how non-economic objectives (such as the protection of public morals, life and health, environment, or human rights) can serve as justification for trade-restrictive measures normally prohibited under WTO law. The relevant non-economic grounds of justification are analysed, as well as the substantive and procedural requirements which restrain the use of trade-restrictive measures taken for non-economic purposes. The issues covered by this book also have wider systemic implications for the WTO. Only if the WTO can demonstrate that it is not just concerned about free trade, but respects non-economic objectives as well, is it likely to remain a sustainable and legitimate form of governance.

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Stefan Zleptnig, Dr.iur. (Vienna), LL.M (LSE) currently works as Legal Counsel in the energy sector. He previously worked at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and at the University of Vienna, where he is now an External Lecturer.
This book should be of interest to those dealing with WTO law and trade regulation. It is designed both as a scholarly treatise and a useful reference for practitioners.
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