Multi-verb Constructions

A View from the Americas


One of the most complex topics in the study of the indigenous languages of the Americas, and indeed in the study of any language set, is the complex behaviour of multi-verb constructions. In many languages, several verbs can co-occur in a sentence, forming a single predicate. This book contains a first survey of such constructions in languages of North, Middle, and South America. Though it is not a systematic typological survey, the combined insights from the various chapters give a very rich perspective on this phenomenon, involving a host of typologically diverse constructions, including serial verb constructions, auxiliaries, co-verbs, phasal verbs, incorporated verbs, etc. Aikhenvald's long introduction puts the chapters into a single perspective.

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Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Ph.D. (1984) in Linguistics, Academy of Science of the USSR, Doctor of Letters (2006), La Trobe University, Australia, is Professor and Research Leader (People and societies of the tropics) at Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia. She has published extensively on Amazonian languages, languages of New Guinea , linguistic typology, and language contact. Her major publications include Evidentiality (2004),and Imperatives and Commands (2010) (OUP).

Pieter C. Muysken, Ph.D. (1977) in Linguistics, University of Amsterdam, is Professor of Linguistics at Radboud University Nijmegen. He has published widely in the field of Andean languages, language contact, creoles and general linguistics, and is the author of Bilingual Speech: A Typology of Code-mixing (2000) and Functional Categories (2008).
"Esta obra representa uma importante contribuição para os estudos das línguas Ameríndias. Os diversos textos incluídos trazem uma grande variedade de dados que, juntos com a visão teórica dos autores, nos permitem ter uma ideia mais clara sobre a estrutura de construções com serialização verbal. Este livro publicado pela editora Brill é bem-vindo; ele, sem dúvida, passará a ser um elemento de consulta básica para todos aqueles que se dedicam tanto ao estudo das línguas Ameríndias quanto aos estudos funcional-tipológicos dessas línguas." Angel Corbera Mori, LIAMES. Línguas Indígenas Americanas, no. 12 (2012).
All those interested in language typology, American indigenous languages, historical and comparative linguistics, theoretical syntax and morphology.
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