Obtaining Evidence Abroad in Criminal Cases 2010


In today’s “flatter” world, the most serious criminal activity affecting the United States is increasingly transnational, thereby requiring the active assistance of other countries to combat it. The United States only relatively recently has dealt with this problem by entering into a growing number of bilateral and multilateral treaties, agreements, and formal and informal law enforcement arrangements. This treatise, designed for prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and academics, is written by the former Department of Justice official responsible for supervising the implementation and design of United States treaties and statutes as it began to cope with this explosion of transnational criminal activity. It describes and analyzes in detail the legal aspects of, and operation under, these treaties, statutes, and other measures.

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Biographical Note

Mr. Abbell,A.B. (1961) Harvard University, LL.B (1964) Harvard Law School. He is a consultant on transnational criminal legal matters and the author of treatises on Extradition to and from the United States (Martinus Nijhoff) and International Prisoner Transfer (Martinus Nijhoff) as well as articles on related subjects.


Prosecutors, defense attorneys (including federal public defenders), judges and academics interested the legal basis of cooperative and coercive measures to combat rapidly increasing serious transnational crime facing the United States.


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