Sources of State Practice in International Law

Second Revised Edition

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Sources of State Practice in International Law is a descriptive bibliography of both electronic and printed sources of information containing the text of treaties and the record of diplomatic activity of important jurisdictions around the world. As such, it includes an up-to-date description of national treaty portals and other valuable Internet-based sources. At the same time, it also includes descriptions of printed sources providing access to treaties and official diplomatic documentation difficult to locate in standard compilations. In addition, this work includes a narrative section for each jurisdiction summarizing issues related to treaty succession and treaty implementation in municipal law.

Sources of State Practice in International Law is an indispensable reference for researchers in both international law and international relations.

Jennifer Allison, Martin Bouda, Rob Britt, Talia Einhorn, Victor Essien, Gabriela Femenia, Ralph F. Gaebler, Susan Gualtier, Ryan Harrington, Carole L. Hinchcliff, Marci Hoffman, Vera Korzun, Jootaek (Juice) Lee, Joseph Luke, Evelyn Ma, Teresa M. Miguel-Stearns, Dana Neacsu, Kara Phillips, Sunil Rao, Mary Rumsey, Alison A. Shea, Maria I. Smolka-Day, Suzanne Thorpe and Beatrice Tice

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Ralph Gaebler, J.D. (1984), M.A. (1985), M.A. (2008), Indiana University-Bloomington, is International and Foreign Law Librarian at Indiana University Maurer School of Law. He has published bibliographic and substantive works in law and philosophy, most recently On the Incompatibility of Political Virtue and Judicial Review: A Neo-Aristotelean Perspective (Hamline Law Review, 2011).

Alison A. Shea, B.A. (2004) Boston University, J.D., M.S.L.S. (2007) Catholic University of America, is Reference Librarian/Foreign & International Specialist at the Fordham University School of Law Library. She has published a number of articles in a variety of publications, and has recently served as a co-editor on The Essentials of Merger Review (American Bar Association, 2013).
International law researchers, specialists in international relations, diplomatic historians, as well as any student or specialist interested in researching the treaties and diplomatic documentation of jurisdictions around the world.
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