'Justification by Grace Alone' Facing Confucian Self-Cultivation

The Christian Doctrine of Justification Contextualized to New Confucianism


Chinese contexts as influenced by the religious moral philosophy of New Confucianism are characterized by the idea of becoming a sage through self-cultivation. For Christian theology – with its emphasis on God’s grace rather than on self-cultivation – Confucian teaching in this matter may appear as a problem.

Chinese Christian theology may ask: How can the Christian doctrine of justification by grace alone be contextualized in Chinese contexts which are characterized by the contradicting idea of self-cultivation? Another question may be equally interesting for Christian theology in all contexts: Which insights can be attained from an attempt at contextualizing the Christian doctrine of justification to contexts influenced by New Confucianism?

In this book professor Arne Redse contributes to answering these questions.

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Arne Redse (1950), Ph.D. in theology, MHS – School of Mission and Theology, is Professor of Religious Education at Volda University College, and Professor of Missiology at Fjellhaug International University College, in Norway. He has published monographs and articles on missiology, religious education, and Christian dogmatics.
"It is indeed a fascinating and challenging attempt to re-correlate Christianity and Chinese culture the way Dr Redse attempted, and he has done it so well." Peter Tze Ming Ng, Hong Kong, Exchange Volume 45.3 (2016).
Theologians and Confucian scholars interested in the relationship between Chinese theology and New Confucian teaching. A more general readership can be theologians interested in the doctrine of justification – particularly dogmatists.
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