Systematic List of Fossil Decapod Crustacean Species


A compilation of all known species of fossil decapod crustaceans arrayed in a modern classification based upon the work of numerous students of extant and fossil decapods represents the first such attempt in nearly 100 years. The systematic list cites authors and carefully verified dates of authorship as well as a complete list of references to all taxa cited. The work is intended to provide insight into the range and relative numbers of fossil taxa within the suborder Decapoda. The compilation will permit interpretation of the nature of completeness of the fossil record and will provide a platform for future research on this important, diverse group of organisms.
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Biographical Note

Carrie E. Schweitzer, Ph.D. (2000) in Applied Geology, Kent State University, is Associate Professor of Geology at Kent State University Stark Campus. She has published extensively on systematics, phylogeny, and paleobiogeography of decapods, concentrating on the Brachyura.
Rodney M. Feldmann, Ph.D. (1967) in Geology, University of North Dakota, is Professor Emeritus at Kent State University. He has published extensively on systematics, biogeography, and functional morphology of fossil decapod crustaceans and isopods of the world.
Alessandro Garassino, Degree in Biology (1988), University of Studi, Milan, is currently Curator of Department of Invertebrate Paleontology of the Natural History Museum, Milan, and publishes extensively on systematics and phylogeny of Mesozoic and Cenozoic decapods from Europe.
Hiroaki Karasawa, D.Sc. (1992) in Paleontology, Nagoya University, is Curator at the Mizunami Fossil Museum and works on phylogeny and systematics of decapods. His major work focuses on Cenozoic decapod Crustacea from southwest Japan.
Günter Schweigert, Ph.D. (1996), University of Stuttgart, is Curator of Mesozoic Invertebrates at Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart, is leader of scientific excavations in the Upper Jurassic Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone and has published extensively on fossil decapods, ammonites, and biostratigraphy.

Review Quotes

... a “must have” book for anyone studying fossil decapods
Nikolaos Lampadariou, in: PSAMMONALIA, The Newsletter of the International Association of Meiobenthologists, Number 155, May 2011

Table of contents

Taxonomic and literature conventions employed
Conventions employed within the text
Taxonomic decisions
Authorships within the classification
Citations in the references.
Acknowledgements .
A classification of the fossil decapod crustaceans
Order Decapoda Latreille, 1802
Suborder Dendrobranchiata Bate, 1888
Superfamily Penaeoidea Rafinesque, 1815
Superfamily Sergestoidea Dana, 1852a
Suborder Pleocyemata Burkenroad, 1963
Infraorder Stenopodidea Claus, 1872
Infraorder Caridea Dana, 1852a
Superfamily Procaridoidea Chace & Manning, 1972
Superfamily Galatheacaridoidea Vereshchaka, 1997
Superfamily Pasiphaeoidea Dana, 1852a
Superfamily Oplophoroidea Dana, 1852a
Superfamily Atyoidea De Haan, 1849
Superfamily Bresilioidea Calman, 1896
Superfamily Nematocarcinoidea Smith, 1884
Superfamily Psalidopodoidea Wood-Mason & Alcock, 1892
Superfamily Stylodactyloidea Bate, 1888
Superfamily Campylonotoidea Sollaud, 1913
Superfamily Palaemonoidea Rafinesque, 1815
Superfamily Alpheoidea Rafinesque, 1815
Superfamily Processoidea Ortmann, 1890
Superfamily Pandaloidea Haworth, 1825
Superfamily Physetocaridoidea Chace, 1940
Superfamily Crangonoidea Haworth, 1825
Superfamily Pleopteryxoidea Schweigert & Garassino, 2006
[Caridean Superfamily & Family uncertain]
Infraorder Glypheoidea Winkler, 1882
Superfamily Glypheoidea Winkler, 1883
Superfamily Erymoidea Van Straelen, 1924 [imprint 1925]
Infraorder Astacidea Latreille, 1802
Superfamily Palaeopalaemonoidea Brooks, 1962
Superfamily Enoplometopoidea de Saint Laurent, 1988
[including Uncinidae Beurlen, 1930a]
Superfamily Nephropoidea Dana, 1852a
Superfamily Astacoidea Latreille, 1802
Superfamily Parastacoidea Huxley, 1879
Infraorder Thalassinidea Latreille, 1831
Superfamily Thalassinoidea Latreille, 1831
Superfamily Callianassoidea Dana, 1852a
Superfamily Axioidea Huxley, 1879
Infraorder Palinura Latreille, 1802 .
Superfamily Eryonoidea De Haan, 1841
Superfamily Palinuroidea Latreille, 1802
Infraorder Anomura MacLeay, 1838
Superfamily Lomisoidea Bouvier, 1895 .
Superfamily Galatheoidea Samouelle, 1819
Superfamily Hippoidea Latreille, 1825
Superfamily Kiwaoidea Macpherson, Jones & Segonzac, 2005
Superfamily Lithodoidea Samouelle, 1819
Superfamily Paguroidea Latreille, 1802
Infraorder Brachyura Linnaeus, 1758
Section Dromiacea De Haan, 1833
Superfamily Eocarcinoidea Withers, 1932a
Superfamily Dakoticancroidea Rathbun, 1917a
Superfamily Homolodromioidea Alcock, 1900a
Superfamily Glaessneropsoidea Patrulius, 1959
Superfamily Dromioidea De Haan, 1833
Superfamily Etyoidea Guinot & Tavares, 2001
Superfamily Homoloidea De Haan, 1839.
Section Eubrachyura de Saint Laurent, 1980
Subsection Raninoida De Haan, 1839
Superfamily Raninoidea De Haan, 1839
Superfamily Cyclodorippoidea Ortmann, 1892b .
Subsection Heterotremata Guinot, 1977
Superfamily Componocancroidea Feldmann, Schweitzer & Green, 2008
Superfamily Dorippoidea MacLeay, 1838
Superfamily Calappoidea De Haan, 1833
Superfamily Leucosioidea Samouelle, 1819
[including Matutidae De Haan, 1841]
Superfamily Majoidea Samouelle, 1819
Superfamily Parthenopoidea MacLeay, 1838
Superfamily Retroplumoidea Gill, 1894
Superfamily Cancroidea Latreille, 1802
Superfamily Dairoidea Serène, 1965
Superfamily Portunoidea Rafinesque, 1815
Superfamily Trichodactyloidea H. Milne Edwards, 1853
Superfamily Bythograeoidea Williams, 1980
Superfamily Carpilioidea Ortmann, 1893
Superfamily Pilumnoidoidea Guinot & Macpherson, 1987
Superfamily Pilumnoidea Samouelle, 1819
Superfamily Xanthoidea MacLeay, 1838
[including Domeciidae Ortmann, 1893]
[including Trapeziidae Miers, 1886]
Superfamily Xanthoidea: incertae sedis
Superfamily Eriphioidea MacLeay, 1838
Superfamily Goneplacoidea MacLeay, 1838
Superfamily Bellioidea Dana, 1852a
Superfamily Potamoidea Ortmann, 1896
Superfamily Pseudothelphusoidea Ortmann, 1893
Superfamily Gecarcinucoidea Rathbun, 1904b
Superfamily Cryptochiroidea Paul’son, 1875
Subsection Thoracotremata Guinot, 1977
Superfamily Pinnotheroidea De Haan, 1833
Superfamily Ocypodoidea Rafinesque, 1815
Superfamily Palicoidea Bouvier, 1898
Superfamily Grapsoidea MacLeay, 1838
Incertae sedis
References .


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