State Capitalism, Contentious Politics and Large-Scale Social Change


Editor: Vincent Pollard
State capitalism is back. It never went away. This book looks at the role of state capitalism in major European and Asian societies. It confronts neo-liberal pieties about the role of markets and private property in capitalist development and radical accounts which see the state as the antithesis of capitalism. State capitalism is a normal form of capitalist development. Its extremes may vary but it has been, and remains, central to an understanding of modern capitalism. This is especially the case in the so called Communist and Communist worlds of Russia and China, and for alternative economies like that of India and the Philippines, which are the focus of this timely and challenging book.

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Vincent K. Pollard, Ph. D (1998) in Political Science, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, was a Lecturer and Cooperating Graduate Faculty at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. He is the author of several articles and book chapters, as well as Globalization, Democratization and Asian Leadership (Aldershot, 2004).
Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate, graduate, research, and professional collections.
R.P. Gardella, Choice, October 2011
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Notes on Contributors

In Memoriam: Vincent Kelly Pollard (1944-2010), David Fasenfest

Foreword, Peter T. Manicas

1. State Capitalist Analysis—Before the Russian Revolution, in Reaction to Stalin’s Consolidation of Power, and after the Cold War, Vincent Kelly Pollard

2. State Capitalism versus Communism: What Happened in the USSR?, Satya Gabriel, Stephen A. Resnick, and Richard D. Wolff

3. Labor, Exploitation and Capitalism in Russia before and after 1991, Michael J. Haynes

4. The ‘Russian Question’ and the U.S. Left, Martin Oppenheimer

5. Planning and the Fate of Democracy: State, Capital, and Governance in Post-Independence India, D. Parthasarathy

6. What Happened to Chinese Communism: The Transition from State Feudalism to State Capitalism, Satya Gabriel, Stephen A. Resnick, and Richard D. Wolff

7. Labor Representation and Organization under State Capitalism in China, Jackie Sheehan

8. A Consideration of China’s Incomplete Retreat from State Capitalism, Rumy Hasan

9. Chinese ‘Develop the West’ Campaigns and their Environmental Impacts: The Post-Socialist Condition in China, Yuehtsen Juliette Chung

10. State Capitalist Aspirations and the Two-Stage Theory of Revolution in the Philippines, Vincent Kelly Pollard

All students and scholars interested in the role capitalism plays in the development of national economies, especially among so-called socialist states like China, the former Soviet Union, and non-traditional states like India and the Philippines.