Liberal Bourgeois Protestantism

The Metaphysics of Globalization


Author: Paul C. Mocombe
Sociological theory regarding the contemporary (1970s to the present) phenomenon of globalization focuses either on convergence or hybridization.The former, convergence, highlights the ever-increasing homogenization of cultures and societies around the globe via socioeconomic rational forces. From this perspective globalization is tantamount to Westernization or Americanization of other cultures and societies via neoliberal economic, market, subjugation. The latter, hybridization, emphasizes heterogeneity, the mixture of cultural forms out of the integration of society via globalizing processes stemming from improvements in information technology, communications, mass media, etc. In this latter form, cultures and societies are not homogenized, but are cultural forms that are syncretized with liberal democratic Western capitalist rational organization. In this work, Mocombe synthesizes the two positions by suggesting that globalization under American hegemony are the same process, convergence, and that the only alternative to this thesis of convergence is Samuel P. Huntington’s (1996) differential hypothesis in which a clash of civilization are the result of eight intransigent cultural frameworks—Sinic, Japan, Hindu, Islamic, Orthodox, Western Europe, North America, and Africa—that dominate the globe. Refutating Huntington’s thesis, Mocombe suggests there are really only two opposing counter-hegemonic forces to the convergence towards Westernization or Americanization: the earth itself and Islamic Fundamentalist movements.

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Paul C. Mocombe is the President/CEO of The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc. A social theorist interested in the application of social theory to contemporary issues such as race, class, and capitalism (globalization), he is the author of over 30 academic journal articles and books including, Oppositional Culture Theory, The Liberal Black Protestant Heterosexual Bourgeois Male: From W.E.B. Du Bois to Barack Obama, The Soul-less Souls of Black Folk: A Sociological Reconsideration of Black Consciousness as Du Boisian Double Consciousness, A Labor Approach to the Development of the Self or Modern Personality: The Case of Public Education, and Education in Globalization.
A great book for sociologists, critical race scholars, and those interested in globalization.
K. K. Hoang, Choice, January 2013 Vol. 50 No. 05.

1. Introduction
The Globalizing or Westernizing Framework
Sociological Theorizing of the Global Framework
Focus of the Analysis


2. Globalization
Capitalist Hegemony
Protestant Turn

3. Liberal Bourgeois Protestantism
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

4. The Historical Constitution of African American Consciousness in Globalization
The Hybridization of Black America
African Americans and the Protest Ethic
A Color-Caste System


5. The Historical Constitution of Grenadian Consciousness in Globalization
Resistance and Social Change
Grenada in the Global Economy

6. W.E.B. Du Bois
Double Consciousness
Class Rational Social Structures

7. Barack Hussein Obama
Race and Racial Identity
Protestantism of Obama

8. The “Others” in a World Economy
The Other in the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Hybrid Globalization under American Hegemony
Globalization and Modernity
Post-Colonial Hybrid

9. Conclusion: What is to be done?

All those interested in globalization, critical theory, and philosophy.