Imperialism, Crisis and Class Struggle

The Enduring Verities and Contemporary Face of Capitalism. Essays in Honour of James Petras


Editor: Henry Veltmeyer
This book of essays is written in honour of James Petras, in recognition of his intellectual achievements and political interventions—his steadfast principles, distinguished scholarship, extraordinary writing and uncompromising dedication to the popular struggles of millions across the world. In recognition of his lifetime of significant contributions and central role in the global struggle for social justice, the authors of this collection, each a leading scholar in his own right, address some of the most critical issues of our time: those of imperialism, crisis and class struggle. These issues allow the authors to identify both the ‘the enduring verities and contemporary face of capitalism’ and James Petras’ contributions to their work and that of others.

Contributors are Berch Berberoglu, Tom Brass, Ronald H. Chilcote, Raúl Delgado Wise, John Bellamy Foster, Hannah Holleman, Ashok Kumbamu, Fernando Leiva, Stephen Lendman, Morris Morley, Michael Parenti, and Henry Veltmeyer.

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Henry Veltmeyer, Ph.D. (1976) is professor of international development studies at Saint Mary's University. He has published extensively on the political economy of international development and Latin America.
The Making of a Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist
1. James Petras, scholar and revolutionary: An appreciation, Henry Veltmeyer
2. James Petras and that ‘long petal of wine, sea and snow’, Fernando I. Leiva

Capitalism and Marxist Theory
3. Trotsky and Latin American development theory, Ronald H. Chilcote
4. Capitalism, primitive accumulation and unfree labour, Tom Brass
5. Farewell to imperialism? A critical sociological study of empire, Ashok Kumbamu

Capitalism in the Era of Neoliberalism: A System in Crisis
6. The Class Nature of Neoliberal Globalization in the Age of Imperialism, Berch Berberoglu
7. The migration-development nexus: A Marxist analysis, Raúl Delgado Wise
8. The financialization of wealth and the crisis of 2007-2009, John Bellamy Foster & Hannah Holleman
9. Food, Water and Fuel: The Crisis of Life Under Capitalism, Michel Chossudovsky

Political dynamics of US Imperialism
10. Not about to lose Chile: Democratic socialism confronts the imperial state, Morris Morley
11. The rational destruction of Yugoslavia, Michael Parenti
12. The Israeli lobby, Palestine occupation and US-Israeli militarism, Stephen Lendman

List of Contributors
James Petras–Selected Publications
Academic libraries, specialists and students of political economy, global development and imperialism, activists in the struggle for social justice.