China Bibliography

A Research Guide to Reference Works about China Past and Present


This volume serves as a guide to all facets of China study: from advice on choosing an appropriate literary dictionary to finding the most recent yearbooks that offer statistical data about the contemporary economy. China Bibliography does not restrict itself to one particular 'discipline', but considers the development of Chinese civilization as a whole, from its imperial beginnings to the present, and therefore demonstrates how one would find information about Chinese history, literature, religion, linguistics, collectanea, as well as present day PRC economic and political policies. Because this book also explains how bibliographical data on China has accumulated over the last 300 years (including within China itself), it also may help the reader understand the significance of a particular type of reference work.

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Harriet T. Zurndorfer, Ph.D. (1977) in History, University of California at Berkeley, has been teaching at the Sinologisch Instituut, Leiden University, since 1978. She has published extensively on various facets of Chinese history, and is Editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient.
'An essential acquisition for any collection supporting serious research in sinology.'
K.W. Berger Choice, 1995.
'...this volume is highly recommended for all libraries with a major reference collection.'
Hwa-Wei Lee, American Reference Books Annual, 1996.
'...I have enjoyed both the scholarship and good judgement of the author and found it rewarding to use the book. I am convinced that it belongs in every sinological library to be used by students as well as by teachers who introduce the students to the large and increasingly complicated field of bibliography in Chinese studies.'
Leif Littrup, Acta Orientalia, 1996.
'For what she has done, most successfully, is give an overview that can guide us, economically and swiftly, into the entire earned universe of China's earlier culture. From such a preliminary base, any other kinds of technology may fruitfully be pursued.'
Jonathan Spence, The China Quarterly, 1996.
'This China Bibliography is an excellent piece of work and must be recommended to all sinologists and students of sinology.'
Imre Hamar, Acta Orietn. Hung., 1996.
All those interested in China, from academic readers to those working in China who want to know how to find sources for the most up-to-date information.
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