An Anonymous Karaite Commentary on Hosea from the Cairo Genizah

Cambridge Genizah Studies Series, Volume 13


This book presents an edition and English translation of a medieval commentary on the book of Hosea that was written by an anonymous Karaite author in the Middle Ages. The text has been established by joining together hundreds of small fragments that have been preserved in the Cairo Genizah collections. The edited work is written in Judaeo-Arabic (Arabic in Hebrew letters). The publication includes copious notes, which clarify the meaning and background of the text. This book brings into the light of scholarship an important but hitherto lost text in the intellectual history of the Karaites.

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Friedrich Niessen, Ph.D. (1998), was a Research Associate at the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit. He passed away in 2009. He published in the field of Samaritan studies and Judaeo-Arabic studies, including Eine samaritanische Version des Buches Yehošuaʿ und die Šoḇaḵ-Erzählung (Georg Olms, 2000).


Text and Translation

Textual Notes

Index of Biblical Verses
Scholars in the field of Karaism. Scholars interested in medieval biblical exegesis.
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