An Introduction to the History of Modern Arabic Literature in Egypt


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' ...there is no comprehensive work in this domain that would surpass Brugman's monograph in its highly set standards, depth of analytical vision, reliability of information and an overall neatness of presentation.... The acquaintance with Brugman's monograph is quite indispensable for all students of Arabic literature.' L. Drozdik, Asian and African Studies, 1987. ' ...eine klar aufgebaute, alle wesentlichen Entwicklungen behandelnde Darstellung der arab. Lit. in Ägypten.' E.W., Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 1986. ' ...remarkable wealth of bibliographical material...' R.C. Ostle, BSOAS, 1987. ' ... a significant and highly useful reference text..' Gaye D. Walton, Middle East Journal, 1985 ' ...a definitive work in English on various authors of modern Egyptian literature. No library and no scholar interested in the field can afford to be without it.' Jacob M. Landau, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1986. ' ...a handy reference work,...a textbook for both university and secondary school teachers.' J.A. Abu-Haidar, Journal of the R.A.S., 1987.
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