Systematische Bibliographie der Hethitologie 1915-1995, zusammengestellt unter Einschluss der einschlägigen Rezensionen (3 vols.)


The people of the Hittites (ca. 1700-1200 B.C.) have been the object of serious study for more than eighty years now. Consequently our knowledge of these Indo-European Anatolians has grown at an enourmous pace. One may therefore rigthly conclude that the flow of scholarly literature in monographs, journal articles, Festschriften etc. has reached a point where hardly any scholar can claim an overview anymore.
This systematic bibliography of Hittitology covers the scholarly production from 1915-1995. The authors have aimed at exhaustiveness for Hittitologists. As Hittitology can not be isolated from the studies of adjacent contemporary (Anatolian) peoples, also relevant important contributions on for example the Chatti, Churrites, Luwians and other cultures have been taken into account.
The work is divided into nine chapters: 1. General (Reference Works, Festschrifte, Congresses, etc.); 2. Archaeology, Anthropology, Collections; 3. Script, Epigraphy; 4. Language and Philology, Ethnic Groups; 5. Geography; 6. Social Relations; 7. History; 8. Religion; 9. Cultural History.
With geographical index and an index of authors and reviewers.

'A reliable bibliography is one of the basic elements for every serious library.'

The Systematische Bibliographie der Hethitologie 1915-1995 was compiled by Vladimír Sou_ek and Jana Siegelová, and originally published with cooperation of the Prague Narodni Museum. The work is distributed exclusively by Brill and has been incorporated in the series Handbook of Oriental Studies 1.


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Biographical Note

Vladimír Souček, JUDr. (1951), Ph.D. (1955) in Law and Assyriology at Charles University, Prague, where he taught in the years 1952 - 1990 (Professor of Cuneiform Studies and Hittitology). His publications include studies on history of ancient, particularly Hittite law, social history, Hittite grammar and cuneiform writing. Co-author of Das Gelübde der Königin Puduhepa an die Göttin Lelwani (Wiesbaden, 1965) and Ein Althethitisches Ritual für das Königspaar (Wiesbaden, 1969).
Jana Siegelová, Ph.D. (1968) in Assyriology and Hittitology at Charles University, Prague, is director of the Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures in Prague and keeper of its collection of the Ancient Near East. She has published studies on Hittite literature, administration, economy and technology. Among her publications are Appu-Märchen und Hedammu-Mythus (Wiesbaden, 1971) and Hethitische Verwaltungspraxis im Lichte der Wirtschafts- und Inventardokumente (Praha, 1986).

Review Quotes

' Such are minor blemishes indeed! This valuable tool belongs on the desk of every Hittitologist and in the reference room of every research library.'
Gary Beckman, American Journal of Archaeology, 1999.
' One may state without hesitation that with the Systematische Bibliographie the eighty-five-year-old "young Hittitlology" has obtained most important technical tool since E. Laroche's Catalogue des Textes Hittites of 1971. The authors deserve our warmest thanks and compliments.'
Oğuz Soysal, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 2001.


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