Ancient Building Technology, Volume 2: Materials (2 vols)


This résumé study deals with building material, which together with construction and structures, forms one of the three aspects of building, or equally one of the three factors which constitute the nature of a building. Unlike existing manuals on ancient building, this offers an analytic presentation and the subject matter extends across all ages and regions. The treatment of materials is set out according to a paradigm of nature, manufacture and use, so as to facilitate direct comparison between different modes of the one material, as also between different materials and between different building traditions. This second part is published in two volumes, the first containing texts, the second more than 300 illustrations. All volumes of the print edition will become available in individual e-books: 9789004531543 (volume 1) - 9789004531550 (volume 2).

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G.R.H. Wright studied history, law and architecture. He taught at the University of Munich and spent a lifetime recording and restoring monuments throughout the Mediterranean, the Middle East, East Africa and Southern India. His many publications include equally works on the History of Architecture and on the History of Religion, as also technical accounts of restoration projects.
As explained in the Introduction, the eternal problem of encyclopedic works is how to delineate the amount of data. Nonetheless, in the reviewer’s opinion Mick Wright, contrary to his initial doubt (infra), has largely succeeded in this operation since he never gives too much and seldom too little.
- J.J. Roodenberg in Bibliotheca Orientalis lxxII n° 5-6, september-december 2015, p. 776-779.
Academic libraries, students and scholars of art and archaeology in the Ancient World.
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