United Nations: Law, Policies and Practice (2 vols.)

In recent years the impact of the United Nations on international relations has increased considerably. Ever since its instrumental role in the establishment of Namibia as a democratic, independent, sovereign state, the United Nations has returned to centre stage with respect to international relations. In the conflicts in El Salvador and Kampuchea, and between Iraq and Kuwait, the Security Council's actions have highlighted the fact that the UN has at its disposal the means to restore peace and security, both internationally and within a state. In addition to the preservation or restoration of international peace and security, the UN and its specialised agencies strive for the progressive development of international law, the protection of human rights and, significantly, the promotion of economic and social progress and development.
United Nations: Law, Policies and Practice is the first English language edition of the celebrated German volume: Handbuch Vereinte Nationen, first published in 1977. This 1995 English edition, with its 162 chapters, is a fully revised version of the second German edition.
The book describes with great clarity all the institutions, functions and activities undertaken by the UN and its specialised agencies. Its excellent cross-referencing enables the reader either to concentrate on a specific topic or to gather information about the whole spectrum of a given activity, function, institution or situation. The Brief Guide to United Nations Documents facilitates access to UN documents, while a comprehensive Index provides quick reference.
The authors are drawn from many different areas of expertise: scholars, diplomats, national and international civil servants. All, however, are experts on the UN system.
For scholars and diplomats, national and international civil servants, journalists working within or reporting on the UN and its activities.

All volumes of the print edition will become available in individual e-books: 9789004541962 (volume 1) - 9789004541986 (volume 2).

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