A Grammar and Dictionary of Zaiwa (2 vols.)


Dr. Anton Lustig’s Grammar and Dictionary of Zaiwa is a thorough and unique documentation of this main language of the Jingpo minority in southwest China. Volume I clarifies the precise meanings of numerous grammatical and lexical categories, in a holistic and all-encompassing but also vivid way, offering real insight into the conceptual universe of this typologically highly interesting tonal language, with suprasegmental traits. Volume II contains a dictionary, stories and songs. This work is also a historical monument for and tribute to this endangered language.
With financial support of the International Institute for Asian Studies (www.iias.nl).

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Anton Lustig (b. 1964, Netherlands) has spent about half his life in China. After finishing this book, he is still working for the benefit of the Zaiwa/Jingpo people, as a painter, composer, educator, ethnographer and leader of Prop Roots, a program on education, ethno-linguistics and intercultural exchange.
Anyone interested in the Zaiwa/Jingpo culture, specialists in Tibeto-Burman languages, language typologists and all other linguists.
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