An Insider's Guide to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: Documentary History and Analysis (2 vols)

The scholarly significance of the book is understated by the use of the word "guide" in the title. . . . This is much more than a guide to the Hague Tribunal. It is an in-depth treatment of the creation and functioning of this important new court.
Lt. Col. H. Wayne Elliott, The Journal
of National Security Law, Vol. 1, No. 1
This definitive "insider's view" of the Statute and its Rules of Procedure and Evidence takes into account existing international law and practice, the proposals submitted by states and organizations, and the views expressed by members of the Security Council in adopting the Statute. The text also places the International Tribunal in its historical context as the first international criminal tribunal created since the 1945 Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals, and as a major achievement in the UN's long-standing project of an international regime of criminal law.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

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Virginia Morris is an attorney in the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs.

Michael P. Scharf is Professor of Law at New England School of Law. He served as Attorney-Adviser at the U.S. Department of State, 1989-1993.

Preface; Foreword; Table of Abbreviations; Table of Authorities;
Chapter I - The Contemporary ICT: Distinctions and Main Characteristics;
Chapter II - Classification and identification of the Major International Crimes by ICT;
Chapter III - General Principles of Substantive Criminal Law Envisioned by ICT;
Chapter IV - General Principles of Procedural Criminal Law Envisioned by ICT;
Chapter V - Principles of Criminal Evidence Before ICT;
Chapter VI - The Emergence of Uniform Standards of Due Process Before ICT; Influence on (Inter)national Criminal Law(s);
Chapter VII - International State Cooperation With ICT: Obtaining (Forensic) Evidence Abroad;
Chapter VIII - Redressing Wrongful Prosecutions and Convictions or Miscarriages of Justice by ICT;
Appendix; Bibliography; Index.