The City in the Islamic World (2 vols.)


The purpose of this book is to draw attention to the sites of life, politics and culture where current and past generations of the Islamic world have made their mark. Unlike many previous volumes dealing with the city in the Islamic world, this one has been expanded not only to include snapshots of historical fabric, but also to deal with the transformation of this fabric into modern and contemporary urban entities. Salma Khadra Jayyusi was awarded Cultural Personality of the Year by the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for her profound contribution to Arabic literature and culture in 2020. The paperback edition of The City in the Islamic World was published to celebrate the occasion.

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Law And The City
Pages: 71–92
Inherited Cities
Pages: 93–113
Iranian Cities
Pages: 159–180
Indian Cities
Pages: 181–204
Pages: 615–624
Pilgrimage City
Pages: 759–780
Salma Khadra Jayyusi is a poet, writer, translator and anthologist. Jayyusi’s scholarly career spans the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Sudan and the USA, where she has lived and worked. She is the founder and director of East-West Nexus and the Project of Translation from Arabic (PROTA). Jayyusi has edited anthologies of Arabic literature, including Modern Arabic Fiction: An Anthology; Modern Arabic Poetry; and the widely appraised The Legacy of Muslim Spain (Leiden, 1992). Renata Holod is an archeologist and art and architectural historian of the Islamic world. She is the College for Women Class of 1963 Term Professor in the Humanities in the History of Art Department, and Curator of the Near East Section, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. Holod has taught at Penn since 1972, and was a visiting Clark Professor at Williams College in 2002. She has conducted and/or directed archaeological fieldwork in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Ukraine, and Tunisia. As a curator, Holod has created exhibitions in the United States and Turkey. She is the author of numerous publications on contemporary as well as historic buildings, sites and territories.
Attilio Petruccioli is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Dean of the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy. From 1994 to 1998 he was the Aga Khan Professor of Design for Islamic Societies at the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 2012 to 2013 he was the Msheireb Property Chair at Qatar University. Petruccioli has written and edited more than 32 books on the topics of architectural design, methodology of design and the history of Islamic architecture.
André Raymond † was Professor Emeritus at the University of Provence and an expert on the history of the city in the Arab world. He published a number of books and studies about the great Arab cities in the Ottoman period (Cairo, Aleppo and Tunis). Raymond was director of the French Institute for Arab Studies in Damascus, and of the Institute for Research and Study on the Arab and Islamic World in Aix-en-Provence.

"While her acclaimed edited collection on al-Andalus (The Legacy of Muslim Spain, 2 vols. [Brill, 1992]) remains significant, Salma Jayyusi has surpassed that earlier work with The City in the Islamic World in both scope and ambition. ...this work is a valuable addition and a major contribution to our understanding of the city in Islamic civilization."
Muzaffar Iqbal in Islam & Science 10.2 (2010).

"Without a doubt, this collection of 46 original articles will become the authoritative work on the city in the Islamic world."
R. W. Zens in Choice June 2009.

Awarded Choice Outstanding Academic Title (Best in scholarly titles reviewed by Choice 2009)
Annalinda Neglia: Some historiographical notes on the islamic city with particular reference to the visual representation of the built city
André Raymond: The Spatial Organization of the City
Besim Hakim: Law and the City
Hugh Kennedy: Inherited cities
Sylvie Denoix: Founded Cities of the Arab World.
From the 7th to the 11th Centuries
Pierre Pinon: The Ottoman Cities of the Balkans
Heinz Gaube: Iranian cities
Marc Gaborieau: Indian cities
Gilles Veinstein: The Ottoman Town (15th-18th centuries)
Françoise Micheau: Baghdad in the Abbasid Era:
A Cosmopolitan and Multi-Confessional Capital
Halima Ferhat: Marinid Fez: Zenith and Signs of Decline
Roberto Berardi: The spatial organization of Tunis Medina and other arab-muslim cities in North Africa and the near East
Doris Abouseif: The Mamluk City
Oleg Grabar: Islamic Jerusalem or Jerusalem under Muslim rule
Jean-Claude David: Aleppo. From the Ottoman Metropolis to the Syrian City
Suraiya Faroqhi: At the Ottoman Empire’s industrious core: the story of Bursa
Ludovico Micara: The Ottoman Tripoli: a Mediterranean Medina
Federico Cresti: Algiers in the Ottoman Period: the City and its Population
Lisa Golombek: The “Citadel, Town, Suburbs” Model and Medieval Kirman
Maurice Cerasi: Istanbul 1620-1750: change and tradition
Attilio Petruccioli: Bukhara and Samarkand
Mahvash Alemi: Shiraz, the city of gardens and poets
Ebba Koch: Mughal Agra. A Riverfront Garden City
Alison Mackenzie Shah: Architecture, Urban Space and the Re-Scripting of Hyderabad’s Urban Heritage, 1858-1868
Ronald Lewcock and Arief Setiawan: Sana’a
Serge Santelli: Harar, the fourth Holy city of Islam
Saïd Mouline: Rabat - Salé. Holy Cities of the Two Banks
Besim Hakim and Zubair Ahmed: The sub-Saharan city: rules and built form
Rino Montalbano: Dar-al Ma. The Architecture of water in the Islamic countries
André Raymond: The Economy of the Traditional City
David Roxburgh: Pilgrimage City
André Raymond: The Management of the City
D.Fairchild Ruggles : The Countryside: the Roman Agricultural and Hydraulic Legacy of the Islamic Mediterranean
Mohammed Naciri: Citizenhood: Proof Against the Century
Attilio Petruccioli: House and fabric in the Islamic Mediterranean City
Lucienne Thys-Senocak: The Gendered City
Nelli Hanna: Guilds in Recent Historical Scholarship
Randi Deguillem: The Waqf in the City
Jean-Luc Arnaud: Modernization of the Cities of the Ottoman Empire (1800-1920)
Mia Fuller: Mediterraneanism. French and Italian Architects’ Designs in 1930s North African Cities
Attilio Petruccioli: Algiers. The colonial city
Jean-Louis Cohen: Casablanca.The city in the Islamic world
Hasan-Uddin Khan: Identity, Globalisation and the Contemporary Islamic City
Deeba Haider: The Growing Pains of Dubai: A city in search of its identity
Eric Denis: Cairo Between Traces and Liberal Re-foundation
Joe Nasr and Eric Verdeil: The Reconstructions of Beirut
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