A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations

Second Revised Edition

Editor: Helmut Volger
How can we approach the complex United Nations system, a ‘family’of principal organs, subsidiary organs and specialized agencies? Where do we get summarizing information on the large number of reform concepts developed and implemented since the late 1990s, in particular in connection with the UN World Summit 2005?
The present book provides orientation and information: It is the second updated English edition of the German "Lexikon der Vereinten Nationen". The book provides in addition to concise and comprehensive information on the UN system insight into recent UN developments and reform efforts in the face of global opportunities and challenges, such as the Millennium Summit 2000 and World Summit 2005, and the establishment of important new UN organs, the Human Rights Council and the Peacebuilding Commission, in 2006.
The contributing authors are academic scholars of international law, economics and political sciences; active and former diplomats and UN officials; journalists and members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and offer a variety of interesting perspectives.
The entries are provided with bibliographies and with Internet addresses for further information and are supplemented in the annex by an informative text on the UN document numbering system and by a list of information facilities concerning the UN.

This title was reviewed as „essential“ (highest category of recommendation) by Choice – Current Reviews for Academic Libraries in October 2010.

'A new edition of a mammoth, 900-page-plus encyclopedia covering every aspect of the United Nations and its work is now available in English in the United States… Among its many useful features are exhaustive lists of those bewildering UN acronyms, a key to decoding (and thus knowing how to look for) UN documents and a complete copy of the UN Charter. The easy-to-use alphabetical order of entries makes it easy for schoolchildren and adults to navigate.' Barbara Crossette in: The InterDependent, 4 October 2010 (www.theinterdependent.com).

'This multidirectional compass is extraordinarily well researched and written. It is a veritable research dream, without which no international collection could possibly be complete'. American Society of International Law, Newsletter of the UN21 Interest Group, January 2011

'This is an update... [of the 2002 edition], with articles contributed by a number of experts on the United Nations and international relations. Entries are either wholly updated or the original article is updated with a signed addendum, making the information current as of the end of 2008. Articles are very detailed and include copious references to other parts of the volume, indicated with an arrow. Most entries conclude with a bibliography of works useful for further research, many of which are extensive reviews of the literature on a particular topic in multiple languages. Entries range from overviews of the workings of the United Nations (including budget, membership rules, and organization) to more theoretical discussions of international law. …[The book] will be indispensable for any research university with faculty in international relations or law. Summing Up: Essential. Graduate students and researchers/faculty. T. Miller, Michigan State University, Review in October 2010 in Choice – Current Reviews for Academic Libraries.'

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Dr. Helmut Volger (Dr. phil. 1987 in Political Sciences, Free University Berlin) has written, co-edited and edited numerous books and encyclopedias on the United Nations.
How to use this book
Africa as Topic in the UN (Konrad Melchers)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
Agenda for Development (Klaus Hüfner)
Agenda for Peace (Erwin A. Schmidl)
Aggression, Definition of (Ulrich Fastenrath)
Budget (Klaus Hüfner)
Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States (Mir A. Ferdowsi)
Addendum ( Antje Hennings)
Charter of the UN (Manfred Knapp)
Collective Security (Peter J. Opitz)
Addendum (Irene Weinz)
Committees, System of (Helmut Volger)
Common Heritage of Mankind (Gregor Kolk)
Addendum (Christian J. Tams)
Control Mechanisms in the UN, External and Internal (Klaus Hüfner)
Coordination in the UN System (Dieter Göthel)
CSD – Commission on Sustainable Development (Jürgen Maier)
Decolonization (Heike Henn)
Addendum (Sally Morphet)
Democratization and the UN (Jens Naumann)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
Depository Libraries (Ramona Kohrs)
Deutscher Bundestag (German Federal Parliament), Positions of the
German Parties towards the UN (Wolfgang Ehrhart)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
Deutscher Bundestag (German Federal Parliament), Subcommittee on the
United Nations (Eberhard Brecht / Wolfgang Ehrhart)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
Development Concepts, Development Research (Inge Kaul)
Development Cooperation of the UN System (Inge Kaul)
Disarmament (Hans Günter Brauch)
Documentation System (Ramona Kohrs)
Economic Commissions, Regional (Peter Tobias Stoll)
ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council (Wolfgang Spröte)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
Electoral Assistance (Simone Schwanitz)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
Enemy State Clauses (Jörn Axel Kämmerer)
Environmental Law, International (Ulrich Beyerlin / Jenny Grote)
Environmental Protection (Jürgen Maier)
European Union, Common Foreign and Security Policy at the UN
(Hans Arnold)
Addendum (Frank Hoffmeister)
FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization (Barbara Hofner)
Addendum (Friederike Hoffmann)
Financial Crises (Klaus Hüfner)
General Assembly (Jürgen Heideking †)
Addendum (Reinhard Wesel)
Geneva Group (Günther Altenburg)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
German Translation Section (Ruprecht Paqué)
Globalization (Sabine von Schorlemer)
Addendum (Thomas Fues)
Group of 77 and the UN (Mir A. Ferdowsi)
Addendum (Sally Morphet)
Groups and Groupings in the UN (Ingo Winkelmann)
History of the Foundation of the UN (Helmut Volger)
History of the UN (Helmut Volger)
Host State Agreements (Hans-Joachim Heintze)
Human Development Reports (Stephan Klingebiel / Marius Hildebrand)
Human Rights (Norman Weiß)
Human Rights, Protection of (Theo van Boven)
Human Rights, United Nations High Commissioner for (Alfred de Zayas)
Human Rights, Universal Declaration of (Peter J. Opitz)
Addendum (Norman Weiß)
Human Rights Committee (Eckart Klein)
Human Rights Conventions and their Measures of Implementation
(Martina Haedrich)
Human Rights Conventions, CAT – Convention against Torture and Other
Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
(Martina Haedrich)
Human Rights Conventions, CCPR – International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights (Eckart Klein)
Human Rights Conventions, CEDAW – Convention on the Elimination of
All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
(Hanna Beate Schöpp-Schilling)
Human Rights Convention, CERD – International Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Martina Haedrich)
Human Rights Conventions, CESCR – International Covenant on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Eckart Klein)
Human Rights Conventions, Convention on the Prevention and
Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Martina Haedrich)
Human Rights Conventions, CRC – Convention on the Rights of the Child
(Joachim Betz)
Human Rights Council (Helmut Volger)
Humanitarian Assistance (Gita Swamy Meier-Ewert)
Humanitarian Law, International (Hans-Joachim Heintze)
IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency (Marc Schattenmann)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization (Helmut Volger)
ICC – International Criminal Court (Sabine von Schorlemer)
ICJ – International Court of Justice (Karin Oellers-Frahm)
Addendum (Karin Oellers-Frahm)
ILC – International Law Commission (Bruno Simma)
ILO – International Labour Organization (Christian Jetzlsperger)
IMF – International Monetary Fund (Martina Metzger)
IMO – International Maritime Organization (Helmut Volger)
Independent Commissions, Reports of (Heike Henn)
Addendum (Thomas Fues)
INSTRAW – International Research and Training Institute for the
Advancement of Women (Andreas Blätte)
Addendum (Irene Weinz)
International Economic Relations and New International Economic Order
(NIEO) (Mir A. Ferdowsi)
Addendum (Thomas Fues)
International Law and the UN (Martina Haedrich)
International Organizations, Theory of (Klaus Dicke / Manuel Fröhlich)
Internet, Websites of the UN System in the (Peter M. Schulze /
Helmut Volger)
Intervention, Prohibition of (Isabelle Reinery)
Addendum (Markus Pallek)
ITLOS – International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (Stefan Talmon)
ITU – International Telecommunication Union (Helmut Volger)
Languages (Ruprecht Paqué)
Languages, Official (Ruprecht Paqué)
Languages, Working (Ruprecht Paqué)
Law of the Sea (Stefan Talmon)
League of Nations (Jost Dülffer)
Membership and Representation of States (Stefan Talmon)
Minorities, Protection of (Ekkehard Strauss)
NGOs – Non-Governmental Organizations (Peter M. Schulze /
Helmut Volger)
Non-Aligned Movement and the UN (Wolfgang Spröte)
Addendum (Sally Morphet)
North-South Relations and the UN (Joachim Betz)
Observers (Erwin A. Schmidl)
Observer Status (Anne-Kathrin Dippel)
Peace, Peace Concept, Threat to Peace (Karlheinz Koppe)
Peaceful Settlement of Disputes (Norbert Ropers)
Addendum (Daniela Körppen)
Peacekeeping (Brian Urquhart)
Peacekeeping Forces (Manfred Eisele)
Peacekeeping Operations (Erwin A. Schmidl)
Permanent Missions (Andrea Roth)
Personnel (Dieter Göthel)
Preventive Diplomacy (Norbert Ropers)
Addendum (Daniela Körppen)
Principal Organs, Subsidiary Organs, Treaty Bodies (Helmut Volger)
Public Information of the UN (Axel Wüstenhagen)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
Public Opinion and the UN (Reinhard Wesel)
Publications (Ramona Kohrs)
Reform of the UN (Klaus Dicke / Manuel Fröhlich)
Regional Groups in the UN (Ingo Winkelmann)
Regionalization (Birgit Reichenstein)
Addendum (Irene Weinz)
Research about the UN (Günther Unser)
Resolution, Declaration, Decision (Bardo Fassbender)
Rules of Procedure (General Assembly, Security Council)
(Bardo Fassbender)
Sanctions (Manfred Kulessa)
Secretariat (Helmut Volger)
Secretary-General (Helmut Volger)
Security Council (Ingo Winkelmann)
Self-Determination, Right of (Hans-Joachim Heintze)
Sovereignty (Bardo Fassbender)
Space Law (Hans-Joachim Heintze)
Specialized Agencies (Klaus Hüfner)
Stamps (Ruprecht Paqué)
Terminology (Ruprecht Paqué)
Trade, International Law of (Jörn Axel Kämmerer)
Treaties, Law of (Brigitte Reschke)
Trusteeship Council (Helmut Volger)
UNCITRAL – United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
(Patrick Oliver Ott)
Addendum (Felix Boor)
UNCIVPOL – United Nations Civilian Police (Erwin A. Schmidl)
UNCTAD – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
(Mir A. Ferdowsi)
Addendum (Thomas Fues)
UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
(Stephan Klingebiel / Marius Hildebrand)
UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme (Jürgen Maier)
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization (Klaus Hüfner)
UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund (Manfred Kulessa)
UN Guards (Erwin A. Schmidl)
UN-HABITAT (Helmut Volger)
UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
(Athar Sultan-Khan)
UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund (Jana Mittermaier)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
UNIDIR – United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research
(Sverre Lodgaard)
UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization
(Manfred Kulessa)
UNIFEM – United Nations Development Fund for Women
(Andreas Blätte)
Addendum (Sabrina Neutz)
UN in Bonn (Helmut Volger)
UNITAR – United Nations Institute for Training and Research
(Marina Walter / Daniela Bottigelli)
Uniting for Peace Resolution (Helmut Volger)
Universality (Bardo Fassbender)
UN Office Geneva (Hans J. Lassen / Egbert C. Kaltenbach)
UN Office Nairobi (Helmut Volger)
UN Office New York (Helmut Volger)
UN Office Vienna (Helmut Volger)
UN Policy, China (Oskar Weggel)
UN Policy, France (Ursula Stiel)
Addendum (Thérèse Gastaut)
UN Policy, German Democratic Republic (Bernhard Neugebauer)
Addendum (Bernhard Neugebauer)
UN Policy, Germany (Hans Arnold)
Addendum (Helmut Volger)
UN Policy, Japan (Günther Unser)
Addendum (Günther Unser)
UN Policy, Russian Federation (Günther Unser)
UN Policy, United Kingdom (Alexander Theodoridis / Gregor Kolk)
Addendum (Jochen Prantl)
UN Policy, USA (Frank Zitka)
Addendum (Jochen Prantl)
UNRWA – United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine
Refugees in the Near East (Hans Peter Kotthaus)
Addendum (Denise Junker)
UN Simulations, Model United Nations (Reinhard Wesel)
UN System (Klaus Hüfner)
UNTS – United Nations Treaty Series (Claudia Shirin Weisser /
Sherry Holbrook)
UNU – United Nations University (Klaus Hüfner)
UNV – United Nations Volunteers (Manfred Kulessa)
UNWTO – World Tourism Organization (Helmut Volger)
UPU – Universal Postal Union (Helmut Volger)
Use of Force, Prohibition of (Brigitte Reschke)
Veto, Right of Veto (Volker Löwe)
Addendum (Christian J. Tams)
Voting Right and Decision-Making Procedures (Bardo Fassbender)
WFC – World Food Council (Barbara Hofner)
Addendum (Friederike Hoffmann)
WFP – World Food Programme (Barbara Hofner)
Addendum (Friederike Hoffmann)
WFUNA – World Federation of United Nations Associations
(Klaus Hüfner)
WHO – World Health Organization (Wilfried Kreisel)
WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization (Helmut Volger)
WMO – World Meteorological Organization (Helmut Volger)
Women and the UN (Sonja Wölte)
World Bank (IBRD), World Bank Group (IFC/IDA/MIGA/ICSD)
(Martina Metzger)
World Conferences (Franz Nuscheler)
World Reports (Helmut Volger)
WTO – World Trade Organization, GATT – General Agreement on
Tariffs and Trade (Peter Tobias Stoll)
Charter of the United Nations
List of the Member States of the United Nations
Information Facilities of the United Nations
UN Documentation System
Contributing Authors
Scholars and students of international law, international economics and political sciences, UN officials and members of permanent missions to the UN, politicians in the parliaments of the UN member states, teachers, journalists, academic libraries.