International Maritime Boundaries

Volumes I and II


Herausgeber:innen: Jonathan I. Charney und Lewis M. Alexander
This is the ultimate guide to international maritime boundaries. Its unique practical features include
- systematic examination of all international maritime boundaries worldwide;
- comprehensive coverage, including the text of every modern boundary agreement;
- descriptions of judicially-established boundaries;
- maps and detailed analyses of those boundaries;
- expert papers examining the status of maritime boundary delimitations in each of the ten regions of the world;
- papers from a global perspective analyzing key issues in maritime boundary theory and practise.
These features make International Maritime Boundaries an unmatched comprehensive, accessible resource in the field.

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Co-publication with The American Society of International Law. Winner of the ASIL Certificate of Merit 1994.
Volume I
Preface, Contributors, Glossary of Terms, References, Introduction and Conclusions, Jonathan I. Charney, Global Analyses, I. Political, Strategic, and Historical Considerations, Bernard H. Oxman, II. The Legal Regime of Maritime Boundary Agreements, David Colson, III. Economic and Environmental Considerations in Maritime Boundary Delimitations, Barbara Kwiatkowska, IV. Geographic Considerations in Maritime Delimitation, Prosper Weil, V. Islands, Rocks, Reefs, and Low-Tide Elevations in Maritime Boundaries, Derek Bowett, VI. Baseline Considerations, Louis B. Sohn, VII. The Use of Geophysical Factors in the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries, Keith Highet, VIII. Method, Oppositeness and Adjacency, and Proportionality in Maritime Boundary Delimitation, Leonard Legault and Blair Hankey, IX. Technical Considerations in Maritime Boundary Delimitations, Peter Beazley, Regional Analyses, Region I. North American Maritime Boundaries, Lewis M. Alexander, Region II. Middle American and Caribbean Maritime Boundaries, Kaldone G. Nweihed, Region III. South American Maritime Boundaries, Eduardo Jimenez de Arechaga, Region IV. African Maritime Boundaries, Andronico 0. Adede, Region V. Central Pacific and East Asian Maritime Boundaries, Choon-Ho Park, Region VI. Indian Ocean and South East Asian Maritime Boundaries, J.R. Victor Prescott, Region VII. Persian Gulf Maritime Boundaries, Lewis M. Alexander, Region VIII. Mediterranean and Black Sea Maritime Boundaries, Tullio Scovazzi, Region IX. Northern and Western European Maritime Boundaries, D.H. Anderson, Region X. Baltic Sea Maritime Boundaries, , Erik Franckx, Maritime Boundary Reports and Documents, I. North America, II. Middle America/The Caribbean, III. South America, IV. Africa, V. Central Pacific/East Asia.

Volume II
Maritime Boundary Reports and Documents, VI. Indian Ocean/South East Asia, VII. Persian Gulf, VIII. Mediterranean/Black Sea, IX. Northern and Western Europe, X. Baltic Sea, Index.