Grammaire de l'hébreu biblique (2 vols)

Author: J.P. Lettinga
This volume deals with the essentials of Biblical Hebrew grammatical structure. It is designed as a textbook for complete beginners, though it is detailed enough to arouse the interest of students wishing to learn a little more than the bare essentials and to see the language in the light of its earlier phases.
Unlike most grammars of its kind, this work contains a fairly extensive syntax section. The appended Volume complémentaire contains a considerable amount of exercise material and a selection of biblical texts and an inscription with annotations and cross-references to the main body of the grammar. Furthermore, there are a glossary, a set of paradigms, a subject index, and a list of technical terms with explanatory notes drawn on non-Hebrew examples.
All those seriously interested in the Jewish Bible and the ancient Hebrew culture, those who wish to brush up their rudimentary knowledge of Hebrew, and those wanting to pursue comparative Semitic linguistics.