The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance, Volume 2

The Non-Qumran Documents and Texts

The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance, Volume 2, presents for the first time an index to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek text of the non-biblical, non-Qumran Judaean Desert documents in one publication. The contents of this volume are defined by E. Tov’s Revised Lists (Brill, 2010). In the main the Concordance serves as an index for volumes II and III of the Judean Desert Studies (JDS), volumes II, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXXVIII of the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (DJD), and volumes I, II, and VI of Masada: The Yigael Yadin Excavations 1963-1965, Final Reports.

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Martin G. Abegg, Jr., Ph.D. (1993), Hebrew Union College, is Professor of Religious Studies at Trinity Western University. He has published two previous volumes of The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance (Brill, 2003, 2010) as well as translations, articles, and electronic data bases on the Dead Sea Scrolls. James E. Bowley, Ph.D. (1992) Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, is Professor and Chair of Religious Studies at Millsaps College. He is author of Introduction to Hebrew Bible: A Guided Tour of Israel’s Sacred Library (Pearson, 2007) Edward M. Cook, Ph. D. (1986), UCLA, is Associate Professor of Semitic Languages & Literatures at the Catholic University of America. He is the author of A Glossary of Targum Onkelos (Brill, 2008) and Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic (Eisenbrauns, 2015).
General Introduction Key to Sigla Hebrew Concordance Aramaic Concordance Greek Concordance Appendices I Concordance of Symbols and Numerals II Masada Letter Tags III Manuscript Index IV Manuscripts not in the Concordances V Typographical and Transcriptional Errors in the Text Editions
All interested in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls.