The China Environment Yearbook, Volume 5

State of Change: Environmental Governance and Citizens' Rights


Editor: Dongping Yang
With the annual publication of the China Environment Yearbook by Friends of Nature, China’s environmental situation is revealed through the eyes of civil society. In this fifth volume, key issues affecting China’s environment in the year 2009 are explored through five main themes: Public Policy, Litigation, Pollution and Health, Consumption, and Ecological Protection.

The year 2009 began with the global financial crisis and ended with the frustration of the climate change conference in Copenhagen. In this context, issues surrounding citizens’ rights and the state’s responsibility are discussed by environmentalists, scholars, lawyers, and journalists. Other topics covered in the China Environment Yearbook, Volume 5 include green growth from the financial stimulus package, resource development in western regions, protests against waste incineration power plants, water consumption in Beijing, pollution related lawsuits, giant panda protection, and several alarming environmental and health related incidents, including toxic wastewater in Yancheng and elevated blood lead levels in children.

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Yang Dongping is co-founder and vice president of Friends of Nature and professor of education at the Beijing Institute of Technology.
Friends of Nature was the first environmental non-governmental organization in the People’s Republic of China, established in 1994 by Liang Congjie, Yang Dongping, Liang Xiaoyan and Wang Lixiong. The organization has more than 3000 active members and has been recipient fifteen prestigious national and international awards.
International Advisory Board:
Judith Shapiro is the Director of Global Environmental Politics programs at American University's School of International Service in Washington, DC. She has published extensively on modern and contemporary China, including Mao's War against Nature (Cambridge, 2001), an account of China's political campaigns to conquer the natural world.
Guobin Yang is Associate Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures at Barnard College, Columbia University. He has published over twenty journal articles and book chapters on contemporary social issues in China, including environmental activism, voluntary associations, and the politics of the internet.
Erika Scullhas an MA from American University’s School of International Service in Global Environmental Politics and is a former Boren Scholarship recipient for her work on China’s environment.
"Like its predecessors in the China Environment Yearbook series, Volume 5 contains a wealth of information about China's environmental progress and challenges. The contributors are to be commended for sharing their knowledge about these important, and sometimes politically sensitive, environmental issues."
Herman F. Huang, China Review International Vol. 18, No. 2, 2011
Highlights of 2009: The State’s Responsibility and Citizen’s Rights Li Dun
1. Green Growth Expectations from China’s Financial Stimulus Package Zhang Ke
2. Call for a Low-Carbon Economy: NPC Motions and CPPCC Proposals in 2009 Chen Hongwei
3. Progress in Environmental Information Transparency IPE, NRDC
4. Regulations on Environmental Impact Assessment for Plans: Breakthroughs and Limitations Wang Shekun
5. China’s Role in International Climate Negotiations Yu Jie
6. Public Interest Litigation against Illegal Construction of Two Hydropower Stations on the Jinsha River Xia Jun and Qie Jianrong
7. Environmental Public Interest Litigation: Seven Experimental Case Studies Lin Yanmei
8. Pollution Related Lawsuits Encounter Many Difficulties Zhang Jingjing
9. The Case of Yancheng Water Pollution: Problems in Judicature Feng Jia
10. Alarming Environment and Health Incidents of 2009 Qie Jianrong
11. Environmental Crisis in Rapidly Developing Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, and Shaanxi Yu Chen
12. Hidden Environmental Troubles of Resource Development in China’s Western Regions Yang Yong
13. New Pollution in Rural Areas the ‘Home Appliances to the Countryside’ Program Cai Yongfei
14. 2009: A Waste Crisis at a Crossroad Yang Changjiang
15. Promoting Sustainable Consumption Zheng Yisheng and Zhang Boju
16. Extravagant Water Consumption in Beijing’s New Bathhouses Hu Kanping
17. Restricted Use of Plastic Shopping Bags: The Way Out Mao Da
18. Organizational Transformations at Nature Reserves: An Analysis of Tourism Development in Jilin’s Changbai Mountain Shen Xiaohui
19. Conservation Agreement: Incorporating Government-led and Community-based Initiatives Li Shengzhi, He Xin, Feng Jie, and Mao Chending
20. Biodiversity in the Context of Climate Change Lv Zhi
21. Crafting a Successful Vision for Wild Giant Panda Protection Wang Hao, Sun Shan, Shen Ai, and Lv Zhi
All those interested in developments in China's environment and environmental policy. Also an excellent primary source for analysis of the political climate for NGOs and public intellectual and policy discourse in China.