Weaving Transnational Solidarity

From the Catskills to Chiapas and Beyond


Weaving Transnational Solidarity from the Catskills to Chiapas and Beyond analyzes the grassroots, economic justice work (1998-2009) of three groups-two Mexican organizations, Jolom Mayaetik, Mayan women's weaving cooperative, and K’inal Antzetik, NGO in the highlands of Chiapas, and an informal, international solidarity network. The book provides scholar-activist, ethnographic case study data which contributes to understanding collective organization, indigenous rights, and the solidarity process within transnational social movements and critically reflects on Fair Trade, health, and education solidarity efforts as well as the class, ethnic, and gender dimensions of neoliberal globalization. Central themes include solidarity, human rights, and social justice. Indigenous women’s voices are featured in the book as powerful in transnational justice organizing-in the global south and north.

Critical Global Studies, vol. 2

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Katherine O’Donnell PhD Sociology, Indiana University; Professor, Sociology, Hartwick College. Her recent publications include “Weaving Solidarity from Oneonta to Oxchuc ” in Antipode, 2008 and “Pimping Maria from Puebla to Panama: Peasants, Paramilitaries, and Petroleum ”in North American Dialogue 2004.
Preface ¡ Mujeres adelante! (Women Forward)

Chapter One: Introduction: Transnational Solidarity - Global Justice is Gendered
Chapter Two: 'For a Life with Justice and Dignity': Indigenous Women’s Rights and Voices in Global Context

Chapter Three: 'Ya Gotta Know When to Hold Em'-Reflections on Fieldwork in the Zona de Conflicto
Chapter Four: Learning to Walk in Women’s Land: The Process of Accompaniment with K'inal Antzetik
Chapter Five: Jolom Mayaetik- Mayan Women’s Weaving Co-operative and Collectivism
Chapter Six: Davida y Goliath: Rosalinda Challenges the World Bank

Chapter Seven: Creating Transnational Solidarity - Linking Economic, Health, Reproductive, and Political Rights
Chapter Eight:Building Intercultural Bridges - Rethinking Academic Practice
Chapter Nine: Conclusion – Tying Up Loose Threads (Beads on a Rosary)


Students, researchers, teachers, activists interested in social movements, Latin America, human rights, social justice, fair trade, feminist studies, indigenous rights, solidarity economics, public sociology and anthropology.