Studies in Hebrew and Aramaic Syntax

Presented to Professor J. Hoftijzer on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday


This volume is dedicated to professor Jacob Hoftijzer on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday as well as of his retirement from the chair of "Hebrew Language and Literature, the Israelite Antiquities and Ugaritic" at the University of Leiden.
After a preface by A. van der Heide and a bibliographical list of Hoftijzer's publications, the volume contains 16 essays on syntactical questions in the field of Hebrew and Aramaic. Most of these essays deal with subjects occurring in Hoftijzer's publications. Such are the nominal sentence, the particle 'et', questions related to clause types as well as to word order and concord within sentences, the status and use of particles and verbal forms. Whereas Biblical Hebrew is discussed in most of the essays, other language forms are represented as well, esp. Mishnaic and Modern Hebrew, Imperial Aramaic, Middle Aramaic and Classical Syriac.

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Review Quotes
' ...our authors all evince a deep love for the language upon whose peculiarities they have lavished their keenest powers of observation and analysis.'
Saul Levin, Hebrew Studies, 1993.
' ...will be of greatest importance...'
Frederick E. Greenspahn, Religious Studies Review, 1993.
' This compilation is certainly a valuable addition to the recent upsurge in publications on the syntax of Hebrew and Aramaic.'
C.H.J. van der Merwe, Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages, 1991.
Semitists, linguists and biblical scholars.
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