The Age of Knowledge

The Dynamics of Universities, Knowledge and Society


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The Age of Knowledge emphasizes that the ongoing transformations of knowledge, both within universities and for society more generally, must be understood as a reflection of the larger changes in the constitutive social structures within which they are invariably produced, translated and reproduced. As the development of knowledge continues to be implicated in the habitual practices of the human social enterprise, visualizing these alterations requires the consideration of the social and materialistic contexts informing these transformations. This is necessary because the process of globalization has not only created new challenges for societies but has also unleashed a new political economy of knowledge within which different institutions must re-affirm their identity and place.

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James Dzisah, Ph.D. (2007) in Sociology, University of Saskatchewan, is an Assistant Professor at Nipissing University, North Bay, Canada. He is a member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Technology and Globalisation. He has published several papers on University-Industry-Government Relations, Professor of Practice in Such journals as Critical Sociology, Science, Technology and Society, Asia Journal Of Social Science and International Higher Education.

Henry Etzkowitz, Ph.D.(1969) in Sociology the New School of Social Research, is a Senior Researcher at the Human Sciences Advanced Research Institute, Stanford University. He is also a Visiting Professor, Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Edinburgh University Business School and Department of Management, Birkbeck, University of London. He is the author of The Triple Helix: University-Industry-Government Innovation in Action (Routledge, 2008).
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Introduction: The Dynamics of Universities, Knowledge and Societies, James Dzisah and Henry Etzkowitz


1. Normative Change in Science and the Birth of the Triple Helix, Henry Etzkowitz

2. Globalization and Scientific Research in Japan, Zaheer Baber

3. Triple Helix or Triple Jeopardy? Universities and the Social Relations of Knowledge, Terry Wotherspoon

4. The Big Shift: Science and Universities in Crisis, Toby E. Huff

5. Societal Rationalization: Cultural Innovation and Knowledge Islamization in Malaysia, Choon-Lee Chai

6. Gender and Identity in a Globalized World, Patience Elabor- Idemudia


7. The Triple Helix of Knowledge, James Dzisah and Henry Etzkowitz

8. Crossing Boundaries: Creating, Transferring & Using Knowledge, Harley D. Dickinson

9. Governing Innovation in a Knowledge Society, Peter W. B. Phillips

10. Public Policy Actors and the Knowledge-Based Social Order, Michael W. Kpessa

11. Regionalized Health Care System in Canada: Towards a Knowledge Management
Strategy, William Boateng


12. Facilitating Knowledge Transfer: The Role of Intermediating Organizations, Amy S. Metcalfe

13. Ideals and Contradictions in Knowledge Capitalization, James Dzisah

14. In the Grey Area: University Research and Commercial Activity–The Case of Language Technology, Tarja Knuuttila

15. Public Universities and Emerging Fuel Cell Technology: Insights from Singapore and Malaysia, Zeeda F. Mohamad

The book is relevant to all those interested in Innovation Policy, Education, Social and Health Policy, Knowledge Management and Transfer, Sociology of Science, Transnationalism, Practictioners and Critical Social Science.
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