Studies in the Archaeology of the Medieval Mediterranean


编者: James Schryver
The medieval Mediterranean world has inspired a rich variety of archaeological studies aimed at trying to piece together its past. This volume presents seven case studies that reveal the complexities of and possible solutions for exploring various areas of the Mediterranean basin. Individually, they offer models of interdisciplinary study that move beyond the disciplinary boundaries of archaeology to integrate evidence from other fields ranging from history to town planning. As a whole, they provide the only collection of studies of their kind for the medieval Mediterraean. They thus provide readers with a view of a field that is vibrant, nuanced, and utilizes a methodological approach that is capable of greatly increasing our knowledge of the medieval Mediterranean world.
Contributors are Tasha Vorderstrasse, Jon van Leuven, Cédric Devais, Michelle Hobart, Giulia Annalinda Neglia, Johnny De Meulemeester, and Sauro Gelichi.


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James G. Schryver, Ph.D. (2005) in Medieval Studies, Cornell University, is Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Minnesota, Morris. His own work and publications on the medieval Mediterranean world focus on the archaeology of Frankish Cyprus.


All those interested in medieval archaeology, the medieval Mediterranean world, medieval history, medieval studies and the ways in which these can and should be integrated into an interdisciplinary approach.

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