"Without Any Doubt" 

Gersonides on Method and Knowledge


Gersonides—Rabbi Levi ben Gershom (Provence, 1288–1344)—was a multifaceted thinker. Endowed with his original and critical mind, he did not accept the authority of his predecessors but investigated every matter for himself. His extraordinary attention to method—both of inquiry and of writing—stands out clearly in his own work and in his reading of certain biblical books. The eight articles on Gersonides’ thought and method collected in this volume address four main topics: Gersonides’ methods of inquiry and composition; the use of introductions in his own works and in biblical books; his method in the supercommentaries on Averroes; and his methods of biblical exegesis.

"Klein-Braslavi's (sic) book...is highly recommended for all libraries that take seriously philosophy, the life of the mind and cognition."
David B. Levy, Touro College

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Sara Klein-Braslavy, Ph.D (1972), Sorbonne - Paris IV, is professor emerita of Jewish Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. She is the author of four books on Maimonides’ biblical exegesis and of numerous articles on Jewish medieval philosophy.
Introduction: “Without any Doubt”
The Opinions that Produce the Aporias in the Wars of the Lord
The Solutions of the Aporias in the Wars of the Lord
Dialectic in Gersonides’ Commentary on Proverbs
The Alexandrian Prologue Paradigm in Gersonides’ Writings
The Introductions to the Bible Commentaries
Gersonides as Commentator on Averroes
Determinism, Contingency, Free Choice, and Foreknowledge in Gersonides
Gersonides on the Mode of Communicating Knowledge of the Future to the Dreamer and Clairvoyant
Everyone interested in medieval Jewish philosophy and more specifically in Gersonides—his thought, methods of inquiry and writing, use of dialectic, supercommentaries on Averroes on Aristotle, and biblical exegesis.
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