Reading Academic Hebrew

An Advanced Learner's Handbook

Through straightforward exposition of rules, numerous examples from scholarly texts, and models demonstrating how to use linguistic information in the text as clues to meaning, the book articulates the grammatical and semantic knowledge that native Hebrew readers bring to the task of reading complex academic prose. It is aimed at students and researchers in the field of Jewish Studies who wish to access seminal and recent Hebrew language scholarship in their area of expertise, as well as those preparing for a Hebrew to English translation exam. The book includes exercises with solutions and practice texts for comprehension and translation, and can be used as a course textbook, a self-study manual and/or a reference source for Hebrew teachers.

"It is to help the student navigate the gulf between spoken Hebrew and academic prose that Nitza Krohn has produced a very important and useful volume...The book is a valuable resource for students and teachers alike."
Jonathan Paradise, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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Nitza Krohn, Ed.D. (2007) in Applied Linguistics, Teachers College, Columbia University, is the Hebrew Language Curriculum Director at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS). She is a frequent conference presenter and writer on Hebrew language pedagogy and methodology.
Part One: Grammar and Lexis
Chatper 1: Word Order and Sentence Structure
Chapter 2: Nouns
Chapter 3: Pronouns
Chapter 4: Adjectives
Chapter 5: Adverbs
Chapter 6: Verbs
Chapter 7: Copulas
Chapter 8: Prepositions
Chapter 9: 'Being' and 'Having' Sentences
Chapter 10: Discontinuous Sentence Connectors
Chapter 11: Lexical Matters
Part Two: Answers to Excercises
Part Three: Texts for Reading and Translation Practice
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