China's Journey toward the Rule of Law

Legal Reform, 1978-2008

The Thirty years since China’s reform and opening have been very eventful for the country’s legal reforms, and this volume presents a multi-disciplinary look at the current scholarship going on in China on the subject. The articles have been translated into English to assist scholars worldwide in understanding China’s recent legal history and also to help familiarize them with the currents of contemporary Chinese scholarship. Individual subjects include commercial law, the evolving relationship between the Chinese government and its citizens, administrative law and criminal justice. There are also chapters on newly emerging areas of the law that are crucial to China’s future development, such as the chapters on environmental law and intellectual property. The volume also includes a chapter on legal education and the legal profession, judicial reform and the development of law to protect the rights of the disadvantaged.

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"Together, these chapters offer a great deal of information about various dimensions of legal development in China...Readers will find this book to be a valuable systematic account of the evolution of the contemporary legal system in China."
Hongying Wang, University of Waterloo, The Journal of Asian Studies Vol. 71, No. 4 (November 2012)
John Fitzgerald
Ira Belkin

Chapter One From the Rule of Man to the Rule of Law
Wang Chenguang
Chapter Two Social Transformation and the Development of Constitutionalism
Cai Dingjian
Chapter Three Towards Governance by Rule of Law
Zhu Weijiu
Chapter Four The Pursuit of Criminal Justice
Dai Yuzhong
Chapter Five Judicial Reform
Jiang Huiling
Chapter Six Legal Education and the Transformation of the Legal Profession
Huo Xiandan
Chapter Seven The Rise of Rights and Protections for the Disadvantaged
Lin Lihong
Chapter Eight The Market Economy and Regulatory Change
Long Weiqiu
Chapter Nine Stepping towards Fair Competition—Law Protecting Foreign Investments
Du Xingli
Chapter Ten Intellectual Property Law as China Moves toward an Innovation-Oriented Society
Wu Handong
Chapter Eleven The Rapid Development of Environmental Protection Law
Wang Canfa