Seride Teshuvot

A Descriptive Catalogue of Responsa Fragments from the Jacques Mosseri Collection Cambridge University Library. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series, Volume 3


Studying responsa fragments from the Cairo Genizah, one travels through a virtual time machine of Jewish history, discovering the rich facets of private and public Jewish medieval life. From the cradle to the coffin, responsa regulate domestic affairs and reflect all manner of human merits, convictions and flaws. Many responsa contain real-life accounts of household intrigue, infidelity, solemn oaths, and sibling rivalry. Seride Teshuvot is a descriptive catalogue of responsa fragments from the Jacques Mosseri Genizah Collection at Cambridge University Library. This book includes descriptions of seventy-five fragments from the classical Genizah Period (10th–13th century) until the late Genizah Period (18th century), on matters of halakha, and biblical and talmudic exegesis. These responsa offer fertile ground for research in all manner of disciplines, from the medieval interpretation of Jewish law to the wider social, cultural and legal history of the Jewish communities of the Mediterranean and Near East.

"The resources invested in this catalogue are impressive, and it is a welcome addition to the few existing catalogues of Genizah manuscripts."
Pinchas Roth, Tikvah Scholar at the NYU Tikvah Center

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Prof. Shmuel Glick, Director of the JTS-Schocken Institute for Jewish Research teaches Jewish Law at the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies. He has published extensively on Responsa and Jewish Customs including Kuntress Ha-Teshuvot He-Hadash: a Bibliographic Thesaurus of Responsa Literature published from 1470–2000 (Jerusalem & Ramat-Gan, 2006–2010).
Chapter 1: Responsa of Palestinian Geonim (c. 10th–11th centuries)
Chapter 2: Responsa of Babylonian Geonim (c. 10th–11th centuries)
Chapter 3: Responsa of Rishonim (11th–15th centuries)
Chapter 4: Responsa of the Aḥaronim (16th–18th centuries)
Index of Sources
Bibliographical Abbreviations
Hebrew Notes and Commentary
Hebrew Introduction
Hebrew forward
All those interested in Responsa Literature, Rabbinica, legal history and Jewish history of the medieval and early-modern periods, as well as researchers working with manuscripts from the Cairo Genizah.
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