Settlement Sociology in the Progressive Years

Faith, Science, and Reform


Settlement Sociology in the Progressive Years claims for sociology a lost history and paradigm only recently acknowledged for shaping the American sociological tradition. Williams and MacLean trace the key works of early scholar activists through the leading settlement houses in Chicago, New York and Boston. The roots of sociology as a public enterprise for social reform are restored to the canon through early research, teaching and social advocacy. The settlement paradigm of “neighborly relations” combining the visions of social gospelers and first-wave feminists will resonate for a renewed public sociology today. Key to this paradigm was the movement to "settle" in neighborhoods and become active in the struggle for social change in a period of rapid industrialization, immigration, and urbanization.
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Biographical Note

Joyce E. Williams, Ph.D. (1971, Washington University) is professor of Sociology Emerita, Texas Woman’s University and has taught as adjunct faculty in several schools. She has authored three books and numerous articles on race relations, social inequality, and the history of sociology including In Search of the Kingdom. Vicky M. MacLean, Ph.D. (1992, Duke University) is professor of Sociology at Middle Tennessee State University. She has published articles and chapters in books in the areas of gender studies, the sociology of work, health, death and dying, and the history of sociology including Ghosts of Sociologies Past.

Review Quote

"This volume does a remarkable job establishing the facts about sociology in the progressive era. In fact, it provides a 17-page appendix listing publications of just the Chicago women’s network of settlement sociologists. The volume belongs in every university library." - Anthony J. Blasi (University of Texas at San Antonio), Critical Research on Religion (DOI: 10.1177/2050303216630072) "Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above." - N. B. Rosenthal (Stonybrook University), Choice, January 2016, Vol. 53, No. 5.

Table of contents

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INTRODUCTION Sociology as Told Reclaiming our History The Politics of Erasure: Knowledge and Knowers of the Sociology Cannon The Social Science Movement: Sociology and Social Work Methodology Social and Ideological Context The Sociological Imagination from Margins to Center 1 PROBLEMS IN SEARCH OF SOLUTIONS: SCIENCE, RELIGION, AND EDUCATION IN THE PROGRESSIVE ERA The Forces of Industrialization, Urbanization and Immigration Social Science and Premonitions of Sociology The Survey Movement and the Educating of America The Social Gospel in the Progressive Era Sociology, Social Reform, and the Social Gospel 2 NEIGHBORHOOD SETTLEMENTS: RESIDENCE, RESEARCH AND REFORM The English Background The United States Settlements Commonalities and Differences Networking and Federation Contributions to Sociology 3 Hull House, Feminist Pragmatism, and the Chicago Women’s School of Sociology Jane Addams and the Journey to Hull House Addams the Sociologist Hull House and the Practice of Sociology Hull House Maps and Papers: Change Oriented Knowledge Some Members of the Chicago Women’s School of Sociology Contributions to Sociology The Politics of Erasure 4 BACK OF THE YARDS: THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO SETTLEMENT Mary McDowell: Standing in the Breach University Research Sociological Research and the Settlement Contributions to Sociology The Settlement and an Early Politics of Knowledge 5 CHICAGO COMMONS: SETTLEMENT AND SOCIAL GOSPEL IN ACTION Graham Taylor: Sociological Christian Taylor, the Social Gospel, and Sociology Works by Taylor and Chicago Commons Residents Taylor and the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy Contributions to Sociology 6 BOSTON’S SOUTH END HOUSE: A SOCIOLOGICAL LABORATORY Robert A. Woods, His Wife, and Associates Woods and Academic Relations Woods and the Social Gospel Woods the Civic Leader The Work of Woods and South End House Residents Contributions to Sociology Sociology, Social Work and the Politics of Gender 7 The College Settlements Association: Breaching Gender and Class in Cities The Women Founders The CSA and the Movement for Social Reconstruction New York Settlement Denison House of Boston The Philadelphia College Settlement The College Settlement of Baltimore Contributions to Race, Class, and Gender Studies 8 HENRY STREET: WHERE HEALTH BECAME A PUBLIC ISSUE Founders and Residents The Intersection of Health and Industry Florence Kelley: A Life in Search of Justice Henry Street and the Factory Investigating Commission Some Contributions to Sociology 9 GREENWICH HOUSE: THE HOUSE THAT MARY BUILT Founder and Head Resident Research and Sociological Work Public Policy and the New York Scholar-Activist Network 10 Recovering a Paradigm Lost: Public Sociology Then and Now Settlement Contributions to Sociology Public Sociology Reclaimed Lessons Learned: Beyond the Ivory Tower Sociological Predecessors and Progenies APPENDICES Appendix A: Selected Works of the Chicago Women's School of Settlement Sociology Appendix B: A Comparison of Some Aspects of the Urban Sociology of South End House and the University of Chicago Sociologists REFERENCES INDEX


All interested in the history of the social sciences, the progressive era, and settlement houses; faculty and students in sociology, women’s studies, and history. Academic libraries and public libraries especially in the cities of New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia.