Thirty Years of Reform and Social Changes in China


Thirty Years of Reform and Social Changes in China is translated from the original Chinese to provide a look into how scholars in China have been assessing their country's recent societal and political history. This volume and the others in the SSRC series, provide western scholars with an accessible English language look at the state of current scholarship in China, and as such, does not simply provide information for the direct study of socio-political issues, but also for meta-level analysis of how the domestic scholarship in China is developing and assessing the interplay of the country's political and economic reforms with the society and daily life of its people.

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Chapter One: Transformation in Social Stratification Structure in China after Thirty Years of Reform
Li Qiang
Chapter Two: Rural Reform and Social Change in the Countryside
Wang Xiaoyi
Chapter Three: Urbanization and Movement of Rural Labor
Bai Nansheng
Chapter Four: Reform and Changes in Urban Governance
Wang Ying
Chapter Five: Reform and Changes of Work Units
Li Hanlin
Chapter Six: Consumption and Consumers During the Social Transition
Wang Ning
Chapter Seven: Technology Progress and Social Change
Qiu Zeqi
Chapter Eight:The Reform and the Changes to the Status of Women
Tan Shen
Chapter Nine: Thirty Years of Reform and Changes of Social Policies
Li Peilin
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