Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective

Legal Perspectives

In this `Dickensian century' of human rights, the world has cultivated the best of religious rights protections, but witnessed the worst of religious rights abuses. In this volume, Jimmy Carter, John T. Noonan, Jr., and a score of leading jurists assess critically and comparatively the religious rights laws and practices of the international community and of selected states in the Atlantic continents.
This volume and its companion Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective: Religious Perspectives are products of an ongoing project on religion, human rights and democracy undertaken by the Law and Religion Program at Emory University.

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Preface; J. Carter. Introduction; J. van der Vyver. Perspectives on Religious Liberty: A Comparative Framework; W.C. Durham, Jr. Studying `Religious Human Rights': Methodological Foundations; D. Little. Religious Human Rights Under the United Nations; N. Lerner. The Role of Secular Non-Governmental Organizations in the Cultivation and Understanding of Religious Human Rights; M. Roan. The Cultivation and Protection of Religious Human Rights: The Role of the Media; J. Finn. The Impact of Religious Rules on Public Life in Germany; M. Heckel. Religious Liberty in the United Kingdom; P. Cumper. The Main Problems of Religious Freedom in Eastern Europe; T. Földesi. Religious Human Rights in the Post-Communist Balkan Countries; P. Mojzes. Religious Rights in Russia at a Time of Tumultuous Transition: A Historical Theory; H.J. Berman. Adjudicating Rights of Conscience Under the European Convention on Human Rights; T.J. Gunn. Religious Human Rights and the Principle of Legal Pluralism in the Middle East; S.A. Arjomand. Religious Human Rights in the State of Israel; A. Maoz. Africa's Search for Religious Human Rights Through Returning to Wells of Living Water; J.S. Pobee. Limitations on Religious Rights: Problematizing Religious Freedom in the African Context; M. wa Mutua. Religious Human Rights in South Africa; L.M. du Plessis. Religious Human Rights in Latin America; P.E. Sigmund. Religious Human Rights in Central America; S.M. Ibarra. The American Experiment in Religious Human Rights: The Perennial Search for Principles; J. Witte, Jr. A Draft Model Law on Freedom of Religion, With Commentary; D. Shelton. The Tensions and the Ideals; J.T. Noonan, Jr. Bibliography of Books and Articles Cited. Biographical Sketches of Contributors. Index.
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