Monotheism & Ethics

Historical and Contemporary Intersections among Judaism, Christianity and Islam


The nexus between monotheism and ethics, especially in the forms professed by the three Abrahamic faiths, is the theme that binds together the studies in this volume. Fourteen leading academics from around the world discuss philosophical and theological connections, historical interactions, as well as responses to new and contemporary issues. Most, though not all of the essays, find a meaningful connection between monotheism and ethics; but none shy away from the problems involved.

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Y. Tzvi Langermann, Ph.D. (1979) in History of Science, is Professor of Arabic at Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel. He has published widely on science, religion, and philosophy in medieval Jewish and Islamic cultures.
"Of special interest to those studying the ethical implications of adhering to
creeds such as imago Dei are essays from Joseph Boyle, Menachem Kellner, and Aaron Mackler. Likewise, Michael Fagenblat employs an intriguing framework that draws upon phenomenology, pragmatism, and Jewish theology in arguing that the doctrine of creation is not only a monotheistic doctrine but a moral concept", Wolfgang Vondey, Regent University School of Divinity, in: Religious Studies Review, 40, 1, March 2014, p. 30.
Contributors include: Lenn Goodman, William Wainwright, Menachem Kellner, Abbas Hamdani, Joseph Boyle, Michael Fagenblatt, Y. Tzvi Langermann, Roxanne Marcotte, Aladdin Yaqub, Aron Mackler, Cynthia Cohen, William Scott Green, Basilius Bawardi and Eugene Garver.
All those interested in intellectual history, ethics, history of ethics, Abrahamic faiths, religion and the history of religion.
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