Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 1 (2010)

Youth and Religion


The purpose of the Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion (ARSR) is to investigate the “new” role of religion in the contemporary world, which is characterized by cultural pluralism and religious individualism.

It is the aim of the ARSR to combine different methods within the social scientific study of religion. The ARSR employs an interdisciplinary and comparative approach at an international level, to describe and interpret the complexity of religious phenomena within different geopolitical situations, highlighting similarities and discontinuities. Dealing with a single theme in each volume, the ARSR intends to tackle the relationship between the practices and the dynamics of everyday life and the different religions and spiritualities, within the framework of the post-secular society. This volume presents the religious and spiritual life of the young: an ever new and complex world which highlights the changes that are happening in the field of religion in general. With an outlook which is opened to various international contexts, its chapters offer a picture of the current situation between religion and the young, suggesting possible future trends.

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Guiseppe Giordan, is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Padua. He is General Secretary of the International Society for the Sociology of Religion (ISSR/SISR), Secretary of the Italian Sociological Association on the Sociology of Religion, and Book Review Editor of Religioni e Società. His main works include Indentity and Pluralism: The Values of Postmodern Time, and the edited volumes: Tra Religione e spiritualità: Il rapport con il sacro nell’ Epoca del Pluralismo (2006); Vocation and Social Context (2007) and Conversion in the Age of Pluralism (2009), volumes 14 and 17 in the Religion and the Social Order series (Brill).


Differential Reconstruction of Religions among Second Generation Immigrant Youth in Canada - Peter Beyer
Youth, Spirituality, and Religion in Canada and Quebec - Solange Lefebvre in collaboration with K. Gandhar Chakravarty
Brazilian University Students and Religion - Ari Pedro Oro and Mauro Meirelles
Developments in Spirituality among Youth in Australia and Other Western Societies - Michael Mason, Andrew Singleton and Ruth Webber
The Religiosity of Youth in Australia and Thailand - Philip Hughes
Youth and Religion in Modern China: A Sketch of Social and Political Developments - Fenggang Yang
Young People and Religion in France - Céline Béraud and Jean-Paul Willaime
Youth and Religion in Finland - Kati Niemelä
(Dis)engagements with Christianity amongst Young People in England and Scotland - Giselle Vincett and Sylvia Collins-Mayo
German Youth: Neither Participants nor Partakers in Religion? - Gert Pickel
The Quest for Religious Purity in New Age, Evangelicalism and Islam. Religious Renditions of Dutch Youth and the Luckmann Legacy - Johan Roeland, Stef Aupers, Dick Houtman, Martijn de Koning and Ineke Noomen
Religion and Youth in Croatia - Dinka Marinović Jerolimov and Boris Jokić
Young Muslims of Italy. Islam in the Everyday Life and the Public Visibility of a New Generation of Muslims - Annalisa Frisina
Believers in Progress. Youth and Religion in Italy - Giuseppe Giordan

Lifestyles and Religion - Luigi Berzano
Visual Sociology and Religion - Roberto Cipriani and Emanuela C. Del Re

The United States: God Bless America - William H. Swatos, Jr.
Religion in the Netherlands - Erik Sengers
Religion and Politics in Portugal: Religious Landscape and Prospective Developments - Helena Vilaça

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