The Origins of Kuwait

Since the discovery of the worlds third largest oil reserves within its borders, Kuwait has achieved international political prominence far exceeding its physical size. The country had already played a role in history before, however. Local sources take that history back to the beginning of the nineteenth century.
The present book takes the history of Kuwait still further back using European sources. It includes analyses and comparisons of indications on maps from the sixteenth century onwards and of references to the Kuwait area in documents produced by officials of the Dutch East India Company-the principal Western political and economic power in the Gulf during most of early modern times-, in British documents and in early travel accounts.
The book is a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the political position of Kuwait in history vis-à-vis its neighbours, especially the Ottoman authorities in Basra.

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B.J. Slot is an Historian and the Archivist in charge of the State Archive of the Dutch Central Government before 1795, including the archives of the Dutch East India Company. He has published on the history of the Near and Middle East, including the Gulf.
' This book serves not only as a relevant collection of archival documents, but also as a meaningful record of the human spirit in its eternal quest to describe and to understand the unfamiliar and the new.' Peter Nanopoulos, Journal of Asian Studies, 1993. ' ...ein wertvoller Beitrag zur Geschichte der neueren Kartographie.' Heribert Busse, Das Historisch-Politische Buch, 1993. ' Der Vf. hat mit dem in Form und Ausstattung sehr ansprechenden Buch einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Erweiterung unserer Kenntnisse über die Ursprünge von Kuweit und zugleich zur Geschichte der europäischen Kartographie geliefert.' D. Sturm, Orientalistische Literaturzeitung, 1995. ' attractive work...' Rifa'at Ali Abou-El-Haj, Western Association of Map Libraries, 1994.
All those interested in the history of Kuwait, the Gulf and the history of the Middle Eastern countries; history of cartography, economic history and historyin general.