Selected Writings of Han Yongun

From Social Darwinism to 'Socialism with a Buddhist Face'

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One of Korea’s most eminent Buddhists and political activists in the independence movement during the long years of Japan’s colonization of his country, Han Yongun , otherwise known as Manhae (1879-1944), was a prolific writer and outstanding poet, known especially for his poetry collection Nim ui ch’immuk (‘The Silence of the Lover’). This volume, however, concentrates on translations of his principal non-literary works, which are published here in English for the first time. It focuses on his ideas for the revitalization of Korean Buddhism in the modern world; the nature of Buddhism as a religion; his critique of the atheist movements fashionable among the communists of his time, together with memoirs of his early life and travels. Selected Writings of Han Yongun, published in collaboration with the Academy of Korean Studies, also contains an introductory essay on Manhae’s life, his relationship with socialist ideas as well as the significance of some of the ideas discussed in the translated writings. Students and researchers in Korean Studies, Studies in Buddhism and Comparative Religions will find this collection invaluable.

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Vladimir Tikhonov is Professor in Korean Studies at the Department of Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages, Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo.
Owen Miller is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Korean Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
Foreword; Introduction; Notes; Bibliography; Notes on Abbreviations and Citation Conventions; SECTION ONE: KOREAN AND WORLD BUDDHISM: 1 On the Reformation of Korean Buddhism; 2 The Buddhism I Believe In; 3 What Happens with Life after Death?; 4 Sakyamuni’s Spirit: Dialogue with a Journalist; 5 Meditation and Human Life; 6 Meditation outside of Meditation; 7 Be Cautious with Words; 8 Patience; SECTION TWO: CRITICISM OF THE ANTI-RELIGION MOVEMENT: 9 On the Anti-religion Movement; 10 Communism and Anti-religious Thought; SECTION THREE: MEMOIRS: 11 A Story of Life After Death; 12 The Would I Will Never Forget; 13 To Seoul via Siberia; 14 Overnight in the Northern Continent; Glossary of Chinese Characters; Index
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