Japanese Shipping and Shipbuilding in the Twentieth Century

The Writings of Peter N. Davies


Britain’s foremost scholar of the international shipping industry, based at the Centre for Port and Maritime History, University of Liverpool, here examines the growth and development of Japan’s modern shipping and shipbuilding industries across a wide range of topics, through the pre-war, Pacific War and post-war periods, to the transfer of shipping technology, the role of bulk carriers and world trade and the organization and structure of the Japanese merchant navy. Prompted originally by his research into the decline of the British industries in a global context, his focus inevitably turned to Japan which in the post-war years had replaced Britain as the world’s largest ship operators and ship owners and remains so today.

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Peter N. Davies is Emeritus Professor of Economic History at Liverpool University. A former President of both the International Commission for Maritime History and of the International Maritime Economic History Association, he has also served as a Visiting Professor at Musashi University, Tokyo, and at Shudo University, Hiroshima. His published works include studies of major Liverpool shipping companies and (with Tomohei Chida) of the Japanese shipping and shipbuilding industries.

Table of contents

Preface; 1 British shipping and world trade: Rise and decline, 1820-1939; 2 The rise of Japan's modern shipping industry; 3 Japanese merchant shipping and the bridge over the River Kwai; 4 The development of the Japanese shipping industries in the post-war era; 5 The role of national bulk carriers in the advance of shipbuilding in post-war Japan; 6 Japan's merchant marine; 7 Japanese shipping and shipbuilding: An introduction to the motives behind its early expansion; 8 A guide to the emergence of Japan's modern shipping industries; 9 Aspinall, Cornes and Company and the early development of the Port of Yokohama; 10 The impact of improving communications on commercial transactions; 11 Frederick Cornes, 1837-1927: Founder and senior partner of Cornes and Company (1937-1911); 12 The Liverpool School of Maritime History; Bibliography; Index


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