New Materials on the Khitan Small Script

A Critical Edition of Xiao Dilu & Yelü Xiangwen


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This volume contains a state-of-the-art survey of Khitan Small Script studies, accompanied by a critical analysis of two recently discovered and previously unpublished epigraphic documents. The texts are reproduced in the original script, in transcription as well as in facsimile, and are supported by a preliminary translation, linguistic comments and index. This is the first ever critical edition of Khitan texts, and the two epigraphic documents analysed in the volume constitute a substantial addition to the extant corpus of Khitan Small Script materials.

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Wu Yingzhe is Associate Professor at the School of Mongolian Studies, Inner Mongolia University. He has specialized in Khitan studies since the early 1990s and has been active both locating previously unknown inscriptions and studying them from the linguistic and philological points of view.
Juha Janhunen is Professor at the Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki, and an Honorary Professor of Inner Mongolia University. He has worked on comparative Altaic issues, including Khitan, since the 1970s, and has also had field projects in various parts of Northeast Asia. He is the author of Manchuria: An Ethnic History and the editor of The Mongolic Languages.
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