Traditional Monster Imagery in Manga, Anime and Japanese Cinema

Traditional Monster Imagery in Manga, Anime and Japanese Cinema builds on the earlier volume Anime and its Roots in Early Japanese Monster Art, that aimed to position contemporary Japanese animation within a wider art historical context by tracing the development of monster representations in Edo- and Meiji-period art works and post-war visual media.
While the previous volume concentrated on modern media representations, this work focuses on how Western art historical concepts and methodology might be adapted when considering non-Western works, introducing traditional monster art in more detail, while also maintaining its links to post-war animation, sequential art and Japanese cinema.
The book aims at a general readership interested in Japanese art and media as well as graduate students who might be searching for a research model within the fields of Animation Studies, Media Studies or Visual Communication Design.
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Biographical Note

Zília Papp PhD is Assistant Professor in Media Studies at the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies, Hosei University, Tokyo. Originally from Hungary, Dr. Papp received her M.Des and B.Des at Kyushu University, Japan, and her PhD in Media and Communications from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

She currently lectures on Contemporary Art and Media in the Asia-Pacific Region and Animation Studies as well as contributes articles to The Japan Times. Dr. Papp also plays a monster extra in the 2005 film ‘Great Yōkai Wars’, although it would be difficult to identify her, as she is in full 'monster' costume.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements; List of Figures; List of Tables; 1. Introduction: Context and Contemporary Scene; 2. Geisha and Robot; 3. New Vienna School Approach; 4. Yôkai Art from Prehistory to Modernity; 5. Multitude of Monsters in Multimedia; 6. Yôkai in Cinema, 1968 – 2008; 7. Monster Landscapes; Bibliography; Glossary of Terms; Glossary of Persons; Index


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