Amour et Sagesse. Les Dialogues d’amour de Juda Abravanel dans la tradition salomonienne


The Dialogues of Love by Yehudah Abravanel (c. 1465 – c. 1525) is one of the most interesting examples of the encounter between Renaissance Platonism and Jewish tradition. Exploring some of the dialogic models for Yehudah’s work as well as the influence of the Biblical commentaries by his father Isaac, this book re-reads the Dialogues in the light of medieval interpretations of the Song of Songs and Solomonic tradition. Already adopted by some Renaissance Jewish readers, this perspective suggests a new interpretation of the Dialogues: Yehudah’s work may be regarded as an allegory of the encounter between a Jewish teacher – Philon – and the “foreign science” of philosophy – Sophia – which both seduces him and questions his wisdom.

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Bibliographical Note

Angela Guidi is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the French Research Center in Jerusalem (CRFJ). Her research focuses on the relationship between Jewish and Christian literature and philosophy in Europe (15th – 17th centuries).

Table of contents

I. Introduction
II. Juda Abravanel et son œuvre
III. Sophie et Philon
IV. Philon sive Salomon
V. Entre Cantique et Livre des Rois. La rencontre de Salomon avec la reine de Saba : un modèle pour les Dialogues ?
VI. Une sagesse tripartite : la structure des Dialogues d’amour et la ḥokhmah de Salomon
VII. Le modèle salomonien chez Isaac Abravanel
VIII. Les Dialogues au miroir de la Complainte sur le Temps
IX. Conclusion


All those interested in the history of Jewish thought and Jewish-Christian relations, in Renaissance literature and in biblical exegesis, namely concerning the Song of Songs.

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