Benasní - I Remember: Dene Sųłiné Oral Histories with Morphological Analysis


In Benasní – I Remember: Dene Sųłiné Oral Histories with Morphological Analysis, Josh Holden presents twelve autobiographical narratives about cultural change from Dene Sųłiné elders in an Aboriginal community in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. In ten interviews and two monologues, the speakers recount their 20th century: the rhythms of traditional life, the catastrophe of epidemics and language loss, the dizzying technological changes, their ambivalence over the past and their anxieties for the future. Accompanying the original Dene texts and free translation is an analytical interlinear gloss applying rigorous morphological and semantic principles to the parsing and glossing of words. The innovative interlinearization distinguishes grammar from visible etymologies. The volume contains a morphological sketch to illuminate grammatical issues in the interlinearization.

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Josh Holden, Ph.D. (2011), University of Montreal, is a linguist and lexicographer at Druide Informatique in Montreal, Quebec. His is the author of an award-nominated doctoral dissertation on Dene Sųłiné, titled A Lexical Semantic Study of Dene Sųłiné, an Athabaskan Language.
Anthropologists and historians interested in Dene and Canadian First Nations peoples, endangered language researchers, linguists interested in Dene and Athabaskan languages