Historical Appraisal and International Justice


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Dokdo: Historical Appraisal and International Justice concerns a highly contentious territorial dispute between Korea and Japan that threatens the security of Northeast Asia. Dokdo, the rocky islet in the East Sea (Sea of Japan), is currently disputed between Korea and Japan. The various issues surrounding Dokdo are complex and multilayered, and thus require an interdisciplinary approach.

The determination of Dokdo’s ownership is, however, not the sole purpose of this book. Beyond the question of Dokdo’s ownership, this volume provides a broad framework for understanding the territorial disputes that bedevil the East Asian region. Readers will find balanced perspectives on this important issue in Northeast Asia utilizing international law, international relations, and history from highly qualified experts and scholars.

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Seokwoo Lee is Professor of International Law and Director of the Inha International Ocean Law Centre at Inha University. He received his D.Phil. from Oxford University and advanced law degrees from New York University, University of Minnesota, and Korea University.

Hee Eun Lee is Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Law at Handong International Law School. Admitted to practice law in New York, he received his J.D. with honors from Syracuse University (College of Law) and LL.M. from New York University.
Legal scholars, historians, policymakers, students of international law, international relations, and history.
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