The Questions of Jesus in John

Logic, Rhetoric and Persuasive Discourse


Why do the New Testament gospels depict a Jesus who asks questions almost as often as he gives answers? In The Questions of Jesus in John Douglas Estes crafts a highly interdisciplinary theory of question-asking based on insights from ancient rhetoric and modern erotetics (the study of interrogatives) in order to investigate the logical and rhetorical purposes of Jesus' questions in the Gospel of John. While scholarly discussion about Jesus cares more for what he says, and not what he asks, Estes argues a better understanding of the rhetorical and dialectical roles of questions in ancient narratives sheds a more accurate light on both John’s narrative art and Jesus' message in the Fourth Gospel.

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Douglas Estes, Ph.D. (2006) in Theology, University of Nottingham, is currently postdoctoral research fellow at the Dominican Biblical Institute, Limerick, Ireland. He is the author of several books including SimChurch (Zondervan, 2009) and The Temporal Mechanics of the Fourth Gospel (Brill, 2008).
All interested in New Testament interpretation, the Gospel of John, narrative or rhetorical criticism, and the sayings of Jesus; plus anyone seeking to exegete ancient literature using ancient/modern language methods.
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