Baltic Yearbook of International Law, Volume 11 (2011)


The Baltic Yearbook of International Law is an annual publication containing contributions on topical issues in international law and related fields that are relevant to Baltic affairs and beyond. In addition to articles on different aspects of international law, each Yearbook focuses on a theme with particular importance to the development of international law or interest to the Baltic region.
Volume 11 of the Baltic Yearbook of International Law is the first volume devoted exclusively to one of the Baltic national schools of international law. Its theme is the Lithuanian school of international law and its traditions and modern developments. It is not often that contributions to the development and thought in international law from small States and academic communities achieve wider audiences or have larger influence. The Baltic Yearbook continues to serve as a forum for providing insights into international law scholarly debates and practices in the region. Like all the previous volumes, current volume contains extensive reports on practices of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in international law. The Yearbook thereby aims to contribute to the development of thought and relevant practices in the world.

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Theme: Lithuanian School of International law: Traditions and Modern Developments
Editorial Note;
General Articles
Dainius Žalimas and Justinas Žilinskas: Public International Law and Lithuania (1990–2011): To Protect and to Enrich;
Justinas Žilinskas: Status of Members of Anti-Soviet Armed Resistance (Partisans’ War) of 1944–1953 in Lithuania under International Law;
Dainius Žalimas: Legal Status of Lithuania’s Armed Resistance to the Soviet Occupation in the Context of State Continuity;
Nika Bruskina: Compensation for Damages Sustained by Natural Persons during World War II on Account of Acts of Nazi Germany: Practice of Lithuanian Courts in Light of International Law and European Union Law;
Vitalius Tumonis: The Complications of Conciliatory Judicial Reasoning: Causation Standards and Underlying Policies of State Responsibility;
Justinas Linkevičius: International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: The Limits of Compulsory Jurisdiction;
Indrė Isokaitė: Response to Sea Pollution Incidents: International Framework, Regional Cooperation and National Approach;
Violeta Vasiliauskienė: Armed Conflict in the Fight against Terrorism
Lina Urbaitė: Judicial Activism in the Approach of the European Court of Human Rights to Positive Obligations of the State;
Laima Vaigė: The Time is Ripe: Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages in Lithuania;
Gintarė Makauskaitė: Public Interest in the Context of the Right to Access Official Information;
Materials on International Law 2010;
René Värk (ed.): Republic of Estonia Materials on International Law 2010;
Ieva Miļūna (ed.): Republic of Latvia Materials on International Law 2010;
Andrius Bambalas and Saulius Katuoka (eds.): Republic of Lithuania Materials on International Law 2010;
Books Reviews
Dainius Žalimas: S. Solomon, The Justiciability of International Disputes: The Advisory Opinion on Israel’s Security Fence as a Case Study, Wolf, Legal Publishers, Jerusalem, 2009. ISBN: 978-90-5850-437-1, 204 pages.
Indrė Žvaigždinienė: S. Urbinati, Les Mécanismes de Contrôle et de Suivi des Conventions Internationales de Protection de l’Environnement, Giuffrè, Editore, S.p.A., Milano, 2009. ISBN: 88-14-14546-6, 387 pages.
Lesther Antonio Ortega Lemus: Zan He, The ICJ’s Practice on Provisional Measures, Kölner Schriften zu Recht und Staat, Band 40, Peter Lang Publishers, Frankfurt am Main, 2010. ISBN: 978-3-631-60010-8, hardback, 171 pages.
List of Contributors; Information for Authors.
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