The Antecedents of Antichrist

A Traditio-Historical Study of the Earliest Christian Views on Eschatological Opponents


The present volume discusses the earliest Christian views on eschatological opponents and their backgrounds in contemporary Judaism. It treats the rich variety of early Christian speculations on the subject and shows that, within this variety, a continuity with Jewish speculations is to be discerned.
Part One of this book treats the early Christian passages of the period up to Irenaeus that contain speculations on the coming of an eschatological opponent. Part Two offers a survey of Jewish expectations that formed the basis for the Christian speculations discussed. After the General Conclusion the book finishes with an extensive Bibliography and an Index.
The book is of interest to any student of early Christian eschatology and the continuity between early Christianity and contemporary Judaism.


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Biographical Note

Lambertus J. Lietaert Peerbolte, obtained his Ph.D. degree at the University of Leiden in 1995. His thesis formed the basis for the monograph. Currently he is employed at the Seminary of the Dutch Reformed Church in Leiden.


All those interested in Early Christianity and contemporary Judaism, the development of Christian eschatology, as well as theologians in general.