The Cronaca di Partenope

An Introduction to and Critical Edition of the First Vernacular History of Naples (c. 1350)


Narrating the history of Naples from its foundation in early antiquity to the year 1343, the Cronaca di Partenope was the first chronologically comprehensive history of the city and one of the earliest works of any genre composed in the Neapolitan vernacular. Drawing on earlier-medieval texts and a healthy dose of legend, it is a prime witness to Neapolitan identity and memory in the later Middle Ages and an important example of southern Italian civic historiography. This volume offers the first critical edition of the text, accompanied by an extensive introduction that establishes its author, date, historical context, source materials, and later fortunes, including its significant influence on the subsequent development of local historiography

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Samantha Kelly, Ph.D (Northwestern University, 1998) is Associate Professor of History and Director of the Program in Medieval Studies at Rutgers University. A specialist of medieval Italy, she is the award-winning author of The New Solomon (Brill, 2003)
Acknowledgments ... vii
Abbreviations and Stylistic Conventions ... ix

Preliminary matter
I. Introduction ... 3
II. Original Text, Author, and Date ... 11
III. Historical Context ... 27
IV. Sources and Adaptations ... 55
V. Diffusion and Influence, 1350-1490 ... 79
VI.Manuscripts ... 103

The Cronaca di Partenope: a critical edition
Preface to the Edition ... 151
Edition ... 165

I. HistoricalNotes and Sources ... 283
II. Variant Text ofManuscript V ... 331
III. Chapter Titles Added by OtherManuscriptWitnesses ... 339
Bibliography ... 345
Index ... 353
All those interested in premodern historiography, memory, and group identity, vernacular writing, the medieval city, and the history of southern Italy.
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