European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 8 (2009)


The European Yearbook of Minority Issues provides a critical and timely review of contemporary developments in minority-majority relations in Europe. It combines analysis, commentary and documentation in relation to conflict management, international legal developments and domestic legislation affecting minorities in Europe.
Part I contains scholarly articles and, in 2008/9, features two special focus sections on Contemporary Challenges of Globalization and Minority Issues in South Asia.
Part II contains reports on national and international developments.

Apart from providing a unique annual overview of minority issues for both scholars and practitioners in this field, the Yearbook is an indispensable reference tool for libraries, research institutes as well as governments and international organisations.

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"Ingesamt kann auch diesmal das bereits in den vergangenen Jahren den Herausgebern und Autoren des Jahrbuches ausgesprochene Lob für ihre verdienstvolle Tätigkeit nur bestätigt werden!"
Peter Hilpold, Europa Ethnica 68 (2011), p. 140-141.
Part I: Articles
A. General Articles Section
Minority Specific Rights: A Protection of Religious Minorities Going Beyond the Freedom of Religion? Kristin Henrard;
Between Fear and Integration: Islamophobia in Contemporary Italy Eva Pfostl;
Linguistic Rights of Minorities in the Jurisprudence of Highest Courts Michaela Salamun;
The European Convention on Human Rights and Language Rights: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Roberta Medda-Windischer;
The Right to Education for Minorities: An Overview on Existing Recommendations from The Hague to Geneva Verena Wisthaler;
The Frustrations of the Right to Political Participation of Minorities: Practical Limitations in the Case of the Nordic Sámi and the Roma Alexandra Tomaselli and Petra Granholm;
B. Special Focus: Contemporary Challenges of Globalization
‘Globalization’ and Its Impact on Minorities in South Asia Joshua Castellino;
Indigenous Peoples and Globalization: From “Development Aggression” to “Self-Determined Development” Cathal Doyle and Jeremie Gilbert;
The South Asian Regional Charter on Minority and Group Rights: A Proposal for Soft Law at its Softest Thomas Benedikter;
Draft South Asian Regional Charter on Minority and Group Rights: A Comparative Regional Analysis David Keane;
C. Special Focus: Minority Issues in South Asia
Assessing Communal Conflicts and Hindu Fascism in India Werner Menski;
Indigenous Peoples: An Introduction to the Socio-Legal Framework with a Special Focus on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and South Asia Javaid Rehman and Harriet Hoffler;
Freedom of Religion in South Asia: Implications for Minorities Borhan Uddin Khan and Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman;
Pakistan: Nation-State, State-Nation or Multinational State? Ijaz Khan;
Gender and the Law in South Asia Law: A Vehicle for Emancipation or a Victim of Identity Politics? Ambika Satkunanathan;
India and the Paradox of Caste Discrimination Annapurna Waughray;
The Protection of Linguistic Rights in India: India’s Language Policy toward Linguistic Minorities Thomas Benedikter;
Minorities within Minorities: Gender Implications for Minority Policies in India and Bangladesh Samir Kumar Das;
Inclusion through Ethnic Federalism? Some Considerations on the Constitutional Transition in Nepal Karl Kossler;
National Human Rights Commissions in India and Nepal: State of Affairs and Challenges Ahead Emma Lantschner;
Comprehensive Security in South Asia: SAARC and the Applicability of OSCE Standards Ugo Caruso;
Part II: Reports
A. International Developments
Frameworking Continues: Review of the Monitoring Process of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Eva Konečna;
Developments in the Field of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 2009 Vesna Crnić-Grotić;
The Activities of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities: January 2009 to December 2009 Krzysztof Drzewicki and Vincent de Graaf;
B. National Developments
National Minorities in Georgia: An Update on Developments in 2008 and 2009 Tom Trier;
Unresolved Legal Issues Relating to the Situation of National Minorities in Austria: The Draft Constitutional Amendment and Draft Federal Act on National Minorities Anna Gamper and Gunther Rautz;
Part III: Book Reviews
Kristin Henrard and Robert Dunbar (eds.), Synergies in Minority Protection. European and International Law Perspectives (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008), ISBN-13: 9780521864831 (Hardback) Tove Malloy;
Marc Weller, Peace Lost: The Failure of Conflict Prevention in Kosovo (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2008), ISBN 978-9004171404 (hardback) Lenhard Hamza;
Roberta Medda-Windischer, Old and New Minorities: Reconciling Diversity and Cohesion, A Human Rights Model for Minority Integration (Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2009), ISBN 978-3832934767 (Paperback) Alexandra Xanthaki;
Thomas Benedikter, Language Policy and Linguistic Minorities in India: An Appraisal of the Linguistic Rights of Minorities in India (Lit Verlag, Berlin, 2010), ISBN 978-3643102317 (Paperback) Javaid Rehman;
Appendix: List of International Norms.
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